"Keep me logged in" is fairly straight forward

there seems to be confusion as to how this feature is intended to work. by checking the box to keep me logged in, i have a reasonable expectation that i will be, wait for it, kept logged in.

instead it seems to be "ignore user preferences and ask them to log in with password everytime they even look at the app.

please make this function how it implies it is intended to function, thank you.


Yeah Blizz closed this topic as resolved when it wasn’t BLZBNTBGS80000023 Log in session has expired?! - #132 by WGod05-2744

Yup, still broken, still screamingly annoying.

Still broken, hasn’t had any change in behaviour since early last year.

Is it all the time? If so that sucks. I only get it when they update terms, they want everyone to click the “accept new terms” button therefore they force everyone to log in. Other than that it auto logs me in.

Do you have any software that might be removing cookies? Something that does a deep cleaning like ccleaner or bleachbit? If you do I would suggest going into the settings of those programs and making sure that Blizzard is whitelisted. I had issues with that when I first started using them.

Good luck, I feel your pain. Logging in every time is annoying.