Issue querying characters using Cyrillic character names


I’m a bit of a newcomer working with the API. Currently i’m using curl and powershell on windows to do queries.

I’m attempting to get the profile for the character “vælfor”. I found in practice and here on the forums that the character name must be in all lower case. I’ve been referencing the href returned for each character in the json results of a guild roster query.

Example code is:

# Set the console window to use UTF8 rather than the default windows oem codepage so that output to CSV or console retains correct unicode characters.
[Console]::OutputEncoding = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8

# Get token
$ClientID = "<Your ID Here>"
$Secret = "<Your Secret Here>"
$AccessToken = curl.exe -u ($ClientID+":"+$Secret) -d grant_type=client_credentials

# Get Guild Roster
$Guild = ""
$GuildRoster = curl.exe -H "Authorization: Bearer $($AccessToken | ConvertFrom-Json | Select -ExpandProperty access_token)" $Guild | ConvertFrom-Json
ForEach ($Member in $GuildRoster.members) {
	# Do lots of things here, but ultimately query information about the character
	$CharacterData = curl.exe -H "Authorization: Bearer $($AccessToken | ConvertFrom-Json | Select -ExpandProperty access_token)" $Member.character.key.href | ConvertFrom-Json

Now if I inspect the URL that I get back from the guild roster query for vælfor:

($RosterData.members | Where {$ -like "vælfor"}).character.key.href

I get the URL:

And when I punch that into a new query for the character profile API, I receive a 404 not found. I’ve also tried using the direct Cyrillic character in place of the %C3%A6 with the same 404 not found results.

code type              detail
---- ----              ------
 404 BLZWEBAPI00000404 Not Found

Any thoughts?

Thank you for reading!

I don’t think the problem with this particular character is the encoding at all.

Please read my replies on this topic for more information.

If you can contact the character owner, ask if the 3rd party data sharing is enabled or if that character is active.