Is there a way to install old launcher?

This new desktop app stinks something awful! Is there a way to install the old one again and run games from that or to just run games without the launcher at all if I have to? I was thinking maybe there was a way to uninstall the new app and install an old version and prevent the “upgrade” or something?


I would like to know this as well. I literally hate the new launcher and don’t want to use it at all. I prefer the previous version!


There isn’t a way to go back. The launcher can be thought of as like one of the games. There’s only one live version with no way to go back to previous versions.

Do you know of a way to launch games with like a desktop shortcut and skip the launcher altogether? There must be some kind of executable file right?


The games all do have executables. However, you won’t be able to completely avoid the launcher. Any time an update is released for any of the games, it will lock you out until you install the update. And it’s the launcher that does all the updating.


Probably still a better option than having to look at all of that marketing spam they put on the new launcher. At least I would only need to use it when an update happens. All I can say about this new one is … FARGLESNOT!


There is an option in the Launcher to create a Desktop Shortcut for any of your games.

Go to the Wheel icon next to the [Play] button and click “Create Desktop Shortcut”. You will still have to use the Launcher to update on patch days, but that will be obvious. You will get a message that your software version is out of date which means time to patch.


Please for the love of the gods give us a launcher skin option so we can avoid this advertisement filled nonsense. I just want to play the game.

Maybe add options so we can fully customize the layout ourselves or something, because i hate this version. Sorry for the negative attitude for all the folks that put work into it… but the previous version seemed far better.


That was full of ads too though. I found that if you grab the sides of the Launcher and shrink it down to a smaller windows size then it only shows the info for the game you have selected (play button and such), ONE News article or ad, and your friends list.

Maybe that view would be preferable as it avoids all the clutter - and even shows less clutter than the previous version? Just don’t use it in full screen mode.

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Thank you, it was helpful. Now im having issues trying to launch games just from the shortcut… but it keeps opening the blizz launcher GAH

Grrr. I had not tried it myself. In that case I suggest doing what Boubou said.

SOME of the games don’t allow it though - they require the Launcher in order to pass the game authentication credentials to the Auth server for login.

There are lots of things in the Launcher people are not really aware of, and some stuff that has moved lately. I was going to make a quick FAQ guide thingy - but now maybe I will hold off. It seems I need to do a bit more verification before I post something green that pretends to know what I am doing!

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Old Blizzard games had their own individual Launchers. Those still sort of exist for the older games. New games are totally dependent on the Bnet Launcher App - is my understanding. They don’t have a stand alone launcher at all.


Of course I agree. There is a price though :stuck_out_tongue: Please read it over and tell me if I got anything wrong, missed something, or we need to add something. Collaborative work is always a fantastic thing!

I just posted it (draft I guess?) [FAQs] New Battlenet Launcher App Feb – 2021

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Go have fun! I did fix that auto correct issue. Thanks for catching it.

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I agree, latest update will not download and loops back to scan. meanwhile I am deprived of playing my game, really sucks to not have a game disc to uninstall and fresh install tried everything else including contacting support without any reply.

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Argh. Both MS Word and the forums auto number stuff which is a pain the the something!

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What I’m doing is:
Reduce the size of the launcher to the smallest you can.
Make it auto-start minimize with windows.
Make WoW to automatically minimize launcher on game start.
Disable all notifications if you don’t want this.
Create WoW shortcut from launcher to your desktop.
Click your shortcut, start the game, you won’t see more than 1 ad if you are lucky the ad won’t load cause the app is too slow lol.

Can you put an option in to use the legacy client? Riot games did it, surely Blizzard can too. Not feeling this new one sorry.


Yes – please, lets go back. Take this thing out back and shoot it, twice.


Yes please, i beg you. Change it back to normal. Or give an option to use the legacy launcher. PLEASE!