Incorrect Information in World of Warcraft Support Article


This new Blizzard support article for World of Warcraft has been grossly inaccurate since at least September 17, 2020 which was around the time it was written. European and Classic realms are mixed together with American realms (thus making the Classic list incomplete), connected realms are wrong, and some servers listed were Classic realm tests for developers and therefore do not even exist.

This has caused a lot of confusion, especially for new players:

If there are any other places I should submit this, please let me know. In the meantime, if any players want to give negative feedback at the bottom of the article, it may help to get it looked at and fixed sooner.

Thank you!

It was updated 2 days ago, so I think it’s good now. As an FYI for the future: you can report it as unhelpful at the bottom of the support article and choose what’s wrong with it. They do receive those reports.

Thank you for your response! Wyrmrest Accord was wrongly removed entirely off the list (which at the time was grouped with Theradras) but the rest of the mistakes are still there. I will report the article again.