I'm writing here because I'm constantly being ignored

You can curse at me.

I am a Legacy Diablo II user.
I know it’s a problem that happens to all the local servers.
Of course, it happens frequently on Asia standard servers.

If you upgrade (cubing) an older version of the item, all servers will stop. (same IP)
If it happens frequently in a short period of time, the server eventually stops.
(battlenet play is not possible, 2~3 weeks)

Battlenet play is currently not possible due to infinite queues.
There are users who abuse this bug on purpose to ruin the server.
As a result of the inquiry, I heard that users could not be disciplined.
The video was reported, but it was ignored.

There’s only one thing left.

Blizzard needs to get rid of this bug.
But they’ve been turning a blind eye for three years.

I understand it’s an old game, but I’m angry at Blizzard for consistently ignoring it without any feedback.

Urges bug improvement or service termination.
I want official feedback.

The person in charge says there is no feedback at all.
That means there’s no team in charge.
It means that only single play is possible.