I'm having trouble downloading Battle.Net

I can’t finish downloading the Battle.Net, it reaches 2.1Mb and the download stops, I have no idea what the problem may be.

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Hey there DmoN,

Sounds like the Battle.net installer file is not wanting to download. We do have a forum post stickied that does cover some basics. Please try what’s there as it usually will help with this symptom.

Please let us know if nothing in the post helps. Cheers!

I am getting the same as well tried on three separate PCs failed DL around 2.1 MB

Hey there SofakingAirF. That is odd that the download behaves like that on multiple systems. I am curious if the same network or perhaps ISP is a factor with those tests. There are two ideas that may help.

First is to try an alternative link. The forum post mentions these, yet here’s a direct link to the EU version of the Battle.net application installer that may also work to get it fully downloaded: BDA EU installer - it’s the same program, only hosted in a different area

The other idea is to try another connection entirely. A friend’s or neighbor’s wifi can work, however if it’s the same ISP, an issue may still occur. That’s cause there may be a bad cached file causing this on the ISP’s side. Many players have mobile devices with hotspot or tethering capability and it’s usually different than the home’s ISP. Thus testing to see if the download works when connected to mobile data is a potential idea. If it works, then chances are you can switch back to your normal connection to do the installation of the app and any games in it.

I hope this helps.

If you use a rented gateway, have you examined your firewall security settings? I use Xfinity and the game won’t download if firewall settings for IPV are set to “High Security” - it only downloads files if they are set to “Medium Security.”

Hi Had same problem.
Had to disable my windows firewall and after market virus protection to download the .exe file.
Hope it works for you.



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