I deleted my reply to redo it but now i can’t reply

So I accidentally had pressed post while phone was in my pocket and didn’t notice for a while. It was a meant to be s long response and vastly incomplete so and initially was going to edit it but since it had been a giberish reply for so long I decided to delete it and redo the response so the other user is notified. After waiting the 24 hours for it to fully delete I attempted to repost the correct response but now I am unable to respond at all because although the last post is by another user, but I must be technically logged as the last reply because of the erroneous reply I deleted.

Anyway now I’m barred from any kind of response at all.

Supposedly this had been lifted (according to a mod on the Overwatch forum but I just now tried to post my response again and I get the same messaged telling me to please wait for other people to participate before replying.

Here is the Url to the topic: