I cant run Starcraft 2

Hello! I Have big problem… from about 4 days ago, cant run SC2 . It is opening then there is verification and…computer freezes. I dont know what to do. Every other game is working fine… cany anyone help? I triend to reinstall game, fix ant other stuff… so now I dont know whats the problem. Thansk for help.

Going through the same thing now there’s definitely a bug/glitch

Try just letting the game reconnect or whatever it’s doing. Mine “unfreezes” after 2-8 minutes. If it does “unfreeze” then at least we can chalk it up to a strange bug, if yours just never “unfreezes” though, you may have a different problem.

There’s a recent thread in the SC2 Tech forum about freezing. If it’s not related to your issues, you can at least search around or ask there for more help.