I can play the Game but i think I AM ALONE. (Please help!)

I played Diablo Immortal last year on the Blood Raven Server while I was in the UAE. And I have no issues at all. For many months, I stopped playing my character due to work, and I moved to the USA recently. Yesterday, I played my character as usual, but I don’t know if there is something wrong with my server now.
Like in world chat, it’s only a bot or spam message that I’m seeing. And I cannot enter Battleground to the point that every time I join, it takes forever (like more than 5 minutes of waiting). And the worst part, I CANNOT JOIN ANY PARTY. I know I’m not the only player on this server, but even though I messaged another character, nothing!
Do I need to change servers since I am in the USA now? I know Blood Raven is in Asia. I really want to go back to gaming. Please help!

That sounds terrible. You would probably be best off asking on the Diablo Immortal forums. The fellow players there may have more insight into it.

This forum here is for leaving feedback about the Desktop Launcher app.

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Thank you so much for the response and info. Will try my luck in DI Forums. :slight_smile:

somone know how to writhe here? like to report bug and create a new problem