How to turn off last played on the launcher?

Basically the title, I want to turn off “last played” and can’t find the setting for it.


Because there doesn’t seem to be an option allowing to disable it.

I hate it too!


un-needed and unwanted, let us hide / remove it, all games are on favourites and usually organised in priority


Hey there,

There is a default setting for this: click the icon in the top-left of your App, then Settings, and scroll down to Startup. Here, you can use the drop-down to select your preference.

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I think you misunderstood. At the top of the launcher where the Favorite games are there is a list of “Last Played”. That needs to go


Would you mind showing me the setting that turns off the “last played” part of the line, cos’ I can’t find it.

Been there done that, no Blizzard reply made. No Blizzard reply there THIS YEAR. IN fact since Sept 2021.

Also have you thought about enforcing Blizzards rules on posting in the forums, mostly about the “Bring back cloning” threads in the WoW Classic section, I thought multiple threads weren’t allowed?

You absolutely do not understand the problem. There was a new “feature” that was just recently released. The setting you show in the image does nothing to change this new feature. The new feature (the “last played” bar at the top of the screen) is very redundant to the current functionality of the “favorites” bar and only saves one click. It is a poor feature by design and needs to have a setting added to turn it off and/or the favorites bar, as they both accomplish the same thing … again, the only real difference is that the new bar saves one click (that you don’t have to click on the play button of each individual game’s page), and it floats that game to the top of the list. However, it also wastes a significant amount of space, pushes the favorites bar out of the way, stops people from seeing the highlighted news of the game they are about to launch (that’s a drawback to your own company), and again is redundant. Please have it fixed to be able to remove this bar from the app, it is an addition that I will never use, and in fact, despite “saving a click” as I mentioned, will require me to continually waste two clicks, to constantly right click on each game as they pop up in this new bar and left click “remove from last played” each time that they appear in the last played bar, so it disappears (the new bar disappears when empty, thank god) and I will never have to see that abomination of a feature again.

While steam has both a static list game library and a “float-to-the-top” last played list, their implementation is way better because the two do not compete for the same space. Also, you don’t have enough games on your platform to warrant a last played list. This was literally the last feature the b . net app needed.


I would also like to toss my two cents into this discussion. The “Last Played” bar just appeared on my bnet launcher and it’s completely redundant with the favorites bar. Now instead of seeing 10 of my favorite games in the order I chose, I see the last three I played plus the first five of my favorites, and guess what… those three are all also in the first five, but their order isn’t consistent. It’s tacky and repetitive and I just want it gone, please at the very least have the common courtesy to add a simple option to click it off.


I agree with everything said here. Way too redundant and not wanted. Terrible design choice!


While we are at it. Why do I on Windows have a MacOS listing?

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Better yet just return the interface to how it was. who in their right mind would like these changes?


I think the The “Last Played” change is a waste of time and redundant. If it is going to be left in the game then I would like to be able to disable or turn it off.


Please make an option to disable the Last played, or have option of Last played or Favorites, don’t really need both.


It’s very annoying that you can’t disable this feature but at least you can remove the games that appear in the “Last played” bar, once there are no games left it will hide.
It’s a temporary solution, but it’s all we got.

On the Last Played bar, right click on a game’s logo and select “Remove From Last Played”.
Do this for each of the games, and once they are all gone the bar will be hidden and the Favorites bar will take back the space.


Very temporary… like until you launch a game :frowning:

Thanks anyway for pointing it out.

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