Please add setting to remove the "last played" bar

given that this thread


was closed (my reply in it was given 6 likes in the time the thread was open), i would like to keep visible the request to add a setting to the b . net app that would allow the “last played” bar to be removed

perhaps an acceptable alternative would be to move the last played bar such that it does not compete for the same space with the favorites bar

you have included with the update that provided the unasked-for last played bar a setting that allows you not to utilize the new “home” page (also unasked for) and to keep using the last played game’s page as the startup page, but the idea behind the last played bar seems to try to entice people to utilize the home page by saving them a single click … that required to click over to each game’s page before launching the game … but if you swap your setting back to use the last played game page instead of the home page, you aren’t saving people a lot of meaningful clicks … how many people are swapping back and forth between games constantly? … and how many people are actually going to use the home page once they know there is a setting to make it go back to use the last played game as the startup page?

i really don’t think this has been thought through very well in its implementation, and would really like there to be some setting to remove the last played bar completely from my app … and i will continue to waste 2 clicks to “remove from last played” every time i launch a game from that game’s page (at this point mainly only hearthstone, and a little hots … d2r on a separate account) just so that if you are logging application usage data you will see that is how the app is being used despite your best attempts to make me wade through deals/offers/news that the majority of the time i don’t care about and am probably finding out through other means like my favorite streamers, etc.


Hey StacKTGaming,

As was stated, the thread was closed because the Tech Support forum isn’t the appropriate place for feedback, suggestions, criticism, etc.

This forum is for seeking assistance on technical issues that require troubleshooting.

There are desktop app feedback forums where posts like this can be made. You can move this thread to the feedback forum by using the pencil icon next to your thread’s title while in editing mode. Leaving it here could get it locked as well.

EDIT. Looks like it’s moved!


i’ve made the edit to move it to the feedback forum … does the note i made at the bottom regarding multiple instances of b . net still showing an “update and restart” still count toward tech support? does it stay here? does it go to bug report?

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I’d put that piece in Bug Report. The QA team won’t see it if it’s in a discussion/feedback forum.

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I too would like an option to disable the ‘Last played’ selections.


I don’t get it why would people not want thier friends to see the last thing they played anyway? The data is still there regardless… & Odds are they already knew you were playing it. Maybe if your a streamer & didn’t want the people you add to see you & pester you. But odds are they are watching your stream anyway so they already know. I just not sure i understand this one?

i’m not sure you do either … how does a person’s last played bar (the new feature that is competing for space with the favorites bar and seems to simply be a “shortcut” for you to launch your games) have anything to do with your friends list? how is anyone else going to see that short of some kind of spyware? unless you are aware of something i am not, i don’t understand how you came up with this at all

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Option to remove this, feature, is very welcomed.
As soon as possible.
Preferably weeks ago.


Agree, the “LAST PLAYED” bar is really NOT necessary !


Done. With the latest update to the Battle.Net Launcher (version, the display of the Last Played bar is optional – it’s on by default, but you can turn it off.

Settings :arrow_right: App :arrow_right: Advanced Features
Uncheck “Show Last Played bar”

Enjoy ! :slight_smile:


the update hasn’t hit yet for me … not sure why … will confirm when i see it

A preview then…

don’t know… perhaps it needs time to propagate ?? Have you tried to exit from the Battle.Net Launcher completely… and to relaunch it ?


Sometimes updates to the desktop app are rolled out in stages. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you may just be part of a later stage.

If you haven’t closed the app in a while, try closing it, waiting for Update Agent to close (in task manager), then relaunch. That may help prompt the app to pick up the update. When the app opens, it might take a few mins to show that there is an update.

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yup, a few times … version number on setting page still … no update and restart showing yet

whatever stage rollout i’m a part of, will confirm when i get it

Sweet mother of god so glad they listened and added this option. Don’t have it yet. Eagerly awaiting the rollout to hit me.

Edit: I got the rollout and turned off the option. Still a few annoyances added to the new big update, but thanks to the devs for letting us remove this annoyance from our lives.

i can confirm i got the rollout, however i had a lot of trouble getting it to work via this bug that seems to have been introduced recently:

i’m not sure what i did to get it to apply … opening an account one at a time and restarting was not getting the “restart and update” to show … trying to use the “restart and update” on the 2nd account was popping up an error message on the 1st account to an error page saying something was wrong with a file … what finally “worked” was opening one account, opening the 2nd, closing the first, clicking “restart and update”, open that account again, then open the 1st account, closing the 2nd, and then instead of clicking the “restart and update” on the first account, just clicking “exit” … and then upon reopening it the 2.22 update was applied … however, opening the 2nd account still shows the erroneous “restart and update” b/c both are sitting at 2.22 (which makes sense since it’s the same executable running twice) … so whatever setting is controlling that seems to need to account for multiple instances open again since this did work a few (?) patches ago

also, i would have posted this there, but it will not let me bump my own thread without a reply

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