Home screen needs a disable option

It serves no purpose other than to shove ads in paying users faces.

We need an option to revert to the old behavior of open on last game page being viewed. Or select a default favorite to show on launch.

Also disable what’s new on launch.

I only care about the game I am currently playing and nothing else. All these ads serve to do is push me away from the service and look for other noninvasive games to play.


I greatly dislike this new version.

The only 2 reasons I look at the launcher on a typical visit are to see if a friend is online and to be able to easily see all the options for the game I have selected.

I rarely really look at the middle stuff unless I’m expecting some news I want to look for. I certainly don’t want it replacing one of the 2 things I actually am there for.

This tiny “Last Played” button is neither handy nor wanted.

Please revert to how it was before.

If your middle section isn’t interesting enough for people to be using it, making it even bigger is not going to help.

Edit to add: I see now that if I select my game from my favorites it takes me back to what I’m looking for. And so far it seems to keep that selection if I close and re-open the launcher. But it’s still a step more than before that seems completely useless.


I couldnt agree more. This new beta app does nothing to make information easier to read, in fact it does the opposite and increases the clutter 10 fold.
If there is not a way to disable all of the spam about the games I have no interest in and only display games I am interested in, so that information is easily readable within a cursory glance, then I can guarentee that I will stop looking at any of it and just hit the play button.
Surely that is not the intended goal…at least that isnt what the posted goal was.
Edit> As an example, I have news about Call of Duty, Overwatch and Diablo 4 cluttering my screen ( and that is after clicking on the wow icon and filtering a great deal of things out) I dont care about those games. You have my interest for probably less than 10s. If I dont see a posting that grabs my attention before then…you lost me, and I never scroll through pages of things looking for something of interest.


I agree with this. I know what I played last, and if I want to look at the shop or news about one of the games I know where to find it. Putting extra garbage on the launcher doesn’t make it more user friendly, and frankly makes me less likely to open the launcher than I already am. Both of these either need an option to hide them or need to be disposed of all together.


Yes definitely it’s all worth it

I agree with you for sure we need to do this

I like the button to immediately run the last two games I played. I dislike the home screen, and it annoys me every time I run the client. Let us turn it off.


I don’t like this new home page. Even if I select my game, it always reopens with the other stuff I really don’t care about.
This has got to go, its awefull.

Not a big fan of the homepage either :confused:

The BDA needs to remember the last view it was on so that when it’s launched it opens to that view again.

For example, if it’s closed on the “Games” tab, it opens on the “Games” tab. If it closed on the Diablo 3 UI, it opens on the Diablo 3 UI. Etc.

People have been complaining about ads and popups since the last redesign. And now Bliz decides to double down on them.

‘Here’s the shop integrated into the BDA so you can see what games you haven’t bought!’

Yeah… I know precisely which I haven’t bought… because it’s on purpose.



Can’t agree more, the new home screen showing your previously played games and a bunch of ads is very ugly and inconvenient, i’m uninstalling the beta client until an option is put in to choose if you want to use the new home screen or not

I don’t need a last played window, I’m fully aware of what I lasted played. I don’t need a home screen full of a bunch of games I’m never going to play, I don’t need ads shoved down my throat. BDA used to be clean and sleek just how I like it, now it’s a cluttered mess, literally went to standard mode because I couldn’t stand to look at the BDA, while on that subject standard mode is setup how the BDA used to be setup. Again how I like it. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you seriously don’t have to change your launcher, like ever. Specially if your customer base is telling you not to. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You have given us a bunch of options, with no option to remove them I might add, that no one asked for. So stop wasting resources on a launcher that wasn’t broken and focus on what actually makes you money, the games. Seriously, you stop force feeding us ads and make good games we’ll hand you money hand over fist. You keep down this path, well, you’ll just fade away and be a cliff note in history.


Came here to say the same thing, but while being just about as toxic as that new home screen setting.

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Just wanted to update folks on this. Bliz is rolling out a new option that will allow people to set the Home page or the last viewed game page as the default when the launcher opens.

It’s being rolled out in stages so it may not show up for everyone at once.

I’m already paying subscription. I do not want advertisement maximized to 3/4 viewing screen and the tiny button I’m looking for 1/100 of screen.

Please consider your customer’s wants over stockholder greed. Else you may not have customers much longer.

P.S. It reminds me of the conversation from Ready Player One about how much viewing screen could be used by advertisements before the players had convulsions.

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