How do i link enchant recipes to it's item?

Hey All,

I have been able to link all crafting recipes to the item it creates, except for enchants.

So for example, if we look at

itemID: 38679 - Enchant Bracer - Minor Health.
recipeID: 4289

There is no way to link the two together. However, there is a spellID within it. The endpoint is /data/wow/spell/7418 but returns a 404.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Or can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

it would seem that some spells are sending back 404 errors maybe some one could poke in at this and have a look for us?

Unfortunately this is not a new or unknown issue. The API is missing a lot of connected data. Missing spell, missing achievements (after lvl 60 squish), wrong reference to professions, etc

For reference: Spells api returns 404 responses for a lot of spells

Other incomplete, missing refes: Missing references for some API endpoints

Most if not all of those issues are still present.