How do i disable last played function in beta

I don’t like this feature. Like at all.

Before “last played” wasn’t needed… because the launcher was just ON the last played game already.

It doesnt streamline anything, or make the user experience better. its a downgrade in every way, except the number of BlizzAds i get shown upon launching

Like, is this a game launcher, or an ad platform? because if it’s a game launcher, the first thing i should see is the games, not the ads.

You already have popups, and ads that take up 2/3 the screen upon launch. give it a rest already.


Second; this is 100% stupid. I mean at least give me the option of wether or not to have this shown.


Quick launch/last played is an objectively better design as you only have to make 1 click instead of multiple to launch any given game, no matter where you are on the launcher.

However I do agree that the amount of alternative game “news” is a bit out of hand on the beta.

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I made a post about an alternative to the quick launch bar, that both still has the quick launch function but without an extra “bar” which is what seems to be upsetting people. Personally I don’t see the need to have 2 “bars” doing essentially the same thing… Have a quick launch clickable tab underneath the game icon in your favorites bar would satisfy the ability to only need to click once.


Ya having it RIGHT next to the SAME icons in favorites is kinda silly

Quick launch/last played is an objectively better design as you only have to make 1 click instead of multiple to launch any given game, no matter where you are on the launcher.

Unless you are trying to play classic between wrath and era


It just picks whatever you launched last. Most people don’t actively switch between both styles but I have to say that Classic is unique in that regard, of having two “live” versions. You have to actively swap to beta/alpha versions through the game menu too. So it’s not really saving you any clicks but it’s also not increasing the click count either.

I found where you can change it back, Settings > App> on startup, view > last veiwed game page


I hope this never makes it to live because it is a garbage feature. I could instantly click on whatever game I wanted to play from my favorites; now this nonsensical ‘feature’ doesn’t leave me enough space to show all of them. I went back to the live version.


well they added it and I hate it. And there is no option to turn it off


Gross Disable RIGHT NOW


Please remove it, it’s pointless and it occupies space


I’ll never use it just to spite them. I mean, I only play WoW anyways… showing uninstalled Overwatch 2 and Hearthstone as last played games… OW2 was… 3 weeks past launch.


This so-called “feature” takes up bar space that used to have my favorites. Now, I have too open up the favorite bar to see what is pushed off.

The icons in “last played” are already on my favorite bar. I don’t need to duplicate icons just to push some off the edge.


+1, this ‘feature’ sucks and should be removed. You only have 5 games anyway, and we also have favorites already. Served the purpose much better.


I sent a feedback request to at least allow us to toggle off this feature.


Yes so bad, now I can’t see half of my actual assigned favorite games in the launcher outside of full window


I hate this too. Stupid and pointless.


Yeah, that “feature” is a bucketfull of stupid. Now I have two of every icon on my screen, and can’t turn it off.


Typical Blizzard, forcing something on us and no way to turn it off.

Why on earth would I want it if I have favourites? They are just duplicates.

I’ve sent feedback but hey, no one actually reads that either. Kinda like these forums.


The feature is intrusive. At least add a way to disable it.