(Help) Using battletag to find out your email

im currently using an alt account to post this. I wanted to log in to my account but i forgot the email address that is used to register it. Can i have the first and last characters of the email address so i could possibly remember it to login?
Edit:I forgot to put my battle tag, it is [Removed by Blizzard]

Hey Ricky,

I’m afraid we are not able to provide email address info on the forums. This is a public space meaning that anyone and everyone can see the information. Even giving a hint like you suggest may not be a good idea. I went ahead and removed your BattleTag.

We can assist you with this over a web ticket or live chat. At the top of the page click on Support and then at the top right click Contact Support. Make sure you are logged out of the alt account before proceeding.

From there click:
#1 Account, App, & Shop
#2 “I would rather categorize the issue” -> Account -> “Can’t log in?” -> Recover email address
#3 Click Contact Us

You will be prompted to an attach an ID and when clicking Submit you should be able to fill out the form. You can include the BattleTag in the description.

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i tried that but it needed me to put in my phone number, i also forgot the phone number that i used for the account

It shouldn’t require a phone number unless it’s asking for a contact number for a callback. You can also try another browser or logging out to submit a ticket anonymously which can help with the recovery process. Here’s a direct link.

the same thing happened to me could you please help me