Help my account got hacked and than i was banned

My account was hacked a couple days ago and while my account was compromised my items were vendored and gold mailed away when I was finally able to restore my account and get it back after changing my email and password I logged onto a half naked character and all my items gone I then restored my items and gold and 10 minutes later I was banned that doesn’t make any sense I haven’t done anything malicious I have been an avid and loyal world of Warcraft player for 17 years I have opened a ticket concerning and appeal and the only thing that the GMS are talking about in the tickets is the fact that my account got hacked and I have been able to change the email they said nothing about the ban it is not fair… f a g m or anybody that works at blizzard sees this I really need help getting my account unbanned it is unjust and unfair the way I am being treated

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He has already been answered and been working with support. I don’t know why he keeps posting instead of using a ticket.

Yes, I am aware that you have been providing him with all kind of nice info…

I thought the best way for me to answer him here would be to send him back to his topic on Battle.Net Mobile Feedback forum… sort of close the loop… perhaps !

I didn’t realize it posted twice and no blizzard actually isn’t helping me I posted two tickets and they both referred to my account being hacked and saw that I recovered it myself they did not say a single word about the band or looking into the hack that caused the band it’s like it went over their heads I added to my ticket as well both tickets actually

Hey @dukewebbyooo the same thing happened to me last night my account got hacked and I found a way to get my account back. maybe 10-15 mins after getting my account back I was banned. I have also reached out to blizzard support and all they say is I didn’t follow code of conduct. I don’t understand because for years I never had a problem, but a hacker puts my account into the ground and it’s my fault. Now I am banned off my account and with no customer support to help get it back up and running. I feel your pain Duke hopefully we can get our accounts back and look past this.

I am so sorry this happened to you too brother on the flip side though I just got my account back today I finally got a real GM to look into my account instead of putting in a ticket for a peel penalty I put in a ticket for account hacked and explain that I was banned after I was hacked and the GM lifted the ban !! I was absolutely devastated when I lost my account I hope that you were able to get yours back as well I have sent attached an authenticator to my account too keep me updated and let me know as I said I put a ticket in for account hacked not appeal penalty

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Thank you brother I am going to do that rn!