Help my account was hacked than i was banned

I was playing on Saturday when suddenly I was DC’ed than I got a notification email that my email was removed from my and a random email was added. I changed my email and password and when I was finally able to log back in my character was practically naked at a mailbox my gold was mailed away and my items were vendored. I was able to restore my gold and items and shortly after I did that I was disconnected again and when I tried to log back in it says my account was banned for abuse of the economy I did nothing wrong and I keep submitting tickets that are ignored … I am a wow player of 17 years and I feel I am being treated so poorly I can’t get a hold of a real gm… If support sees this and can help me my email is
[Removed - Please do not post personal information on the forums]
I am very passionate wow player and this really has me down any help would be appreciated.

Posting your email on the forums is another way to get your account compromised. Bad guys will send you malicious phishing emails trying to trick you into clicking a malware site or other site to steal your info.

You need to secure your computer, your emails, and any other accounts you have.

The way to contact Blizzard for an account compromise is via ticket, not the forums. You will need to wait on the ticket to come up in queue. Queues can be several days, but that does not mean you are forgotten. As long as you got a ticket number, the ticket went through.

Beware that hackers are usually in your email which is how they make changes - and they will delete notifications from Blizzard if they can. You really need to get things cleaned up before going through the recovery process.

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They finally read one of my tickets and more or less addressed the fact that my account was hacked but said nothing about it being banned which i find to be messed up the way I am being treated through this process is not fair as a avud and loyal customer it is not my fault that this individual did stuff when my account was compromised and my game email is different than the one posted here thanks for your concern though!

Glad you are making progress. The team that handles compromises is not the team that handles account bans. Sadly, hackers do really bad things with accounts they steal such as transfer illicit gold, spam, phish, bot, etc.

You can re-open a ticket or put in a new one referencing your compromise ticket number to have the ban lifted. As long as they can prove it is compromised (and they can), they will lift it.

You also need to be sure to secure your accounts. They got your email and password from somewhere - often tricking people with fake account warnings, phishing emails, malware on sites, etc.

That is exactly what they did they told me if I didn’t go to the link that my account was going to be banned and it said blizzard and so I bought it it is not fair…

Oh no. Those are called Phishing messages. They are used by hackers to trick you into going to their fake website and entering your login information. They use that to get into your accounts, and sometimes put malware on your computer to log your passwords.

NEVER trust a text, email, or message like that from anyone. They use threats and urgency to make you think you have to act. Blizzard will never warn you. They will ban you straight up and you can appeal later. Blizzard messages appear in their own window, in Blue, and can’t be reported. If you can report it, it is a scam so please report away!

More info here on how to detect phishing scams.

Note, the same tactics are used to steal bank accounts, social media accounts, and all sorts of things. Always be suspicious!

Now you see why your account was hacked? Posting your e-mail for everyone to see shows why.

I am not sure what you mean by referencing compromise ticket number I opened a ticket trying to appeal the ban it sent me a generated email I have only gotten one GM and all he did was tell me that my account information is safe because I switched out the emails he never said anything about the band which doesn’t make any sense to me…