Heirloom quality




  "quality": {
    "type": "EPIC",
    "name": "Epic"
  "preview_item": {
    "item": {
      "id": 187997
    "quality": {
      "type": "HEIRLOOM",
      "name": "Heirloom"

Not sure if this is indeed a bug, but there are MANY items reporting different qualities:

I assumed the UNCOMMON->RARE, RARE->EPIC were possibly upgrades the item can have, but there are others showing RARE/EPIC->HEIRLOON

Here is an (almost ?) complete list:

ID Name Quality Preview quality
112810 Windowhanger Wraps UNCOMMON RARE
112812 Softfinger Grips UNCOMMON RARE
112809 Beastminder Chain Gloves UNCOMMON RARE
112811 Wallbuilder Gauntlets UNCOMMON RARE
114303 Spectral Eye of Horror UNCOMMON RARE
114307 Spectral Miasma of Fortitude UNCOMMON RARE
114306 Spectral Claw of Might UNCOMMON RARE
114304 Spectral Ghost of Insight UNCOMMON RARE
114305 Spectral Whisper of Healing UNCOMMON RARE
131736 Prizerock Neckband EPIC RARE
128351 Axeclaw Spaulders RARE EPIC
128350 Bladefang Spaulders RARE EPIC
128349 Felcast Mantle RARE EPIC
128352 Felbane Shoulderguard RARE EPIC
139674 Deathlord’s Greatboots RARE EPIC
139682 Battlelord’s Warboots RARE EPIC
139691 Sabatons of the Silver Hand RARE EPIC
139699 Farseer’s Footwraps RARE EPIC
139708 Treads of the Unseen Path RARE EPIC
139716 Boots of the Shattered Abyss RARE EPIC
139724 Sandals of the Dreamgrove RARE EPIC
139740 Footpads of the Uncrowned RARE EPIC
139732 Grandmaster’s Footwraps RARE EPIC
139755 Steps of the High Priest RARE EPIC
139763 Path of the Black Harvest RARE EPIC
139747 Boots of Tirisgarde RARE EPIC
147227 Galvanized Stormscale Bracers UNCOMMON EPIC
147231 Storm-Tempered Breastplate UNCOMMON EPIC
147226 Fel-Treated Bracers UNCOMMON EPIC
147229 Fel-Treated Chestguard UNCOMMON EPIC
147233 Ley-Touched Sandals UNCOMMON EPIC
147225 Ley-Touched Bracers UNCOMMON EPIC
147230 Galvanized Stormscale Chestguard UNCOMMON EPIC
147234 Fel-Treated Boots UNCOMMON EPIC
147238 Fel-Treated Gauntlets UNCOMMON EPIC
147241 Ley-Touched Hood UNCOMMON EPIC
147228 Storm-Tempered Bracers UNCOMMON EPIC
147232 Ley-Touched Robes UNCOMMON EPIC
147237 Ley-Touched Gloves UNCOMMON EPIC
147240 Storm-Tempered Gauntlets UNCOMMON EPIC
147243 Galvanized Stormscale Helm UNCOMMON EPIC
147235 Galvanized Stormscale Boots UNCOMMON EPIC
147239 Galvanized Stormscale Gauntlets UNCOMMON EPIC
147242 Fel-Treated Hood UNCOMMON EPIC
147247 Galvanized Stormscale Legguards UNCOMMON EPIC
147250 Fel-Treated Spaulders UNCOMMON EPIC
147244 Storm-Tempered Greathelm UNCOMMON EPIC
147248 Storm-Tempered Legplates UNCOMMON EPIC
147251 Galvanized Stormscale Spaulders UNCOMMON EPIC
147254 Fel-Treated Belt UNCOMMON EPIC
147263 Animus Pendant UNCOMMON EPIC
147269 Unifying Drape UNCOMMON EPIC
147246 Fel-Treated Legguards UNCOMMON EPIC
147249 Ley-Touched Mantle UNCOMMON EPIC
147252 Storm-Tempered Shoulderguard UNCOMMON EPIC
147255 Galvanized Stormscale Belt UNCOMMON EPIC
147257 Avenging Band UNCOMMON EPIC
147253 Ley-Touched Cord UNCOMMON EPIC
147256 Storm-Tempered Girdle UNCOMMON EPIC
147276 Spellbinder’s Seal UNCOMMON EPIC
151015 Skyfin Tail Barb RARE EPIC
150998 Cragscaler Heart RARE EPIC
151002 Argussian Wrought Blade RARE EPIC
151000 Construct Forge Cinder RARE EPIC
151004 Voidbent Isolon Effigy RARE EPIC
150997 Crystallized Aether RARE EPIC
151001 Phial of Kaarinos Frost RARE EPIC
150996 Archaic Meditation Crystal RARE EPIC
150999 Wakener’s Demonic Focus RARE EPIC
151003 Petrified Seedling RARE EPIC
152747 Praetorium Guard’s Helmet RARE EPIC
152749 Praetorium Guard’s Waistplate RARE EPIC
152748 Praetorium Guard’s Breastplate RARE EPIC
152746 Praetorium Guard’s Greaves RARE EPIC
152750 Praetorium Guard’s Pauldrons RARE EPIC
152754 Arinor Keeper’s Armbands RARE EPIC
152763 Oronaar Disciple’s Gloves RARE EPIC
152767 Oronaar Disciple’s Girdle RARE EPIC
152751 Praetorium Guard’s Gauntlets RARE EPIC
152755 Arinor Keeper’s Grips RARE EPIC
152759 Arinor Keeper’s Headgear RARE EPIC
152762 Oronaar Disciple’s Bracers RARE EPIC
152766 Oronaar Disciple’s Boots RARE EPIC
152752 Praetorium Guard’s Vambraces RARE EPIC
152756 Arinor Keeper’s Belt RARE EPIC
152761 Arinor Keeper’s Trousers RARE EPIC
152765 Oronaar Disciple’s Coif RARE EPIC
152769 Oronaar Disciple’s Spaulders RARE EPIC
152753 Praetorium Guard’s Sabatons RARE EPIC
152757 Arinor Keeper’s Treads RARE EPIC
152760 Arinor Keeper’s Spaulders RARE EPIC
152764 Oronaar Disciple’s Legguards RARE EPIC
152768 Oronaar Disciple’s Chestguard RARE EPIC
152770 Azurelight Sage’s Cap RARE EPIC
152774 Azurelight Sage’s Slippers RARE EPIC
152779 Jed’hin Aspirant’s Ring RARE EPIC
152781 Unblemished Sigil of Argus RARE EPIC
152771 Azurelight Sage’s Mitts RARE EPIC
152775 Azurelight Sage’s Robes RARE EPIC
152778 Conservatory Ward’s Drape RARE EPIC
152783 Eredath Focusing Amethyst RARE EPIC
152772 Azurelight Sage’s Sash RARE EPIC
152776 Azurelight Sage’s Leggings RARE EPIC
152773 Azurelight Sage’s Cuffs RARE EPIC
152777 Azurelight Sage’s Mantle RARE EPIC
152782 Venerable Triad Statuette RARE EPIC
152886 Zealous Felslinger’s Visage RARE EPIC
152881 Zealous Felslinger’s Girdle RARE EPIC
152884 Zealous Felslinger’s Robe RARE EPIC
152889 Zealous Felslinger’s Cuffs RARE EPIC
152885 Zealous Felslinger’s Handwraps RARE EPIC
152888 Zealous Felslinger’s Epaulets RARE EPIC
152883 Zealous Felslinger’s Boots RARE EPIC
152887 Zealous Felslinger’s Leggings RARE EPIC
152943 World-Defiler’s Girdle RARE EPIC
152947 World-Defiler’s Gauntlets RARE EPIC
152944 World-Defiler’s Shoulderplates RARE EPIC
152948 World-Defiler’s Sabatons RARE EPIC
152945 World-Defiler’s Tuille RARE EPIC
152949 World-Defiler’s Cuirass RARE EPIC
152942 World-Defiler’s Wristguards RARE EPIC
152946 World-Defiler’s Casque RARE EPIC
153172 Doomed Exarch’s Memento RARE EPIC
153270 Forgotten Conservatory Sash RARE EPIC
153271 Forgotten Conservatory Helm RARE EPIC
153275 Forgotten Conservatory Slippers RARE EPIC
153282 Augari Wakener’s Leggings RARE EPIC
153272 Forgotten Conservatory Gloves RARE EPIC
153276 Forgotten Conservatory Amice RARE EPIC
153279 Augari Wakener’s Cord RARE EPIC
153281 Augari Wakener’s Handwraps RARE EPIC
153273 Forgotten Conservatory Leggings RARE EPIC
153277 Forgotten Conservatory Wristwraps RARE EPIC
153280 Augari Wakener’s Circlet RARE EPIC
153283 Augari Wakener’s Vestments RARE EPIC
153286 Augari Wakener’s Cuffs RARE EPIC
153284 Augari Wakener’s Treads RARE EPIC
153288 Forgotten Conservatory Robes RARE EPIC
153285 Augari Wakener’s Mantle RARE EPIC
153331 Eredath Lightseeker’s Helmet RARE EPIC
153333 Eredath Lightseeker’s Waistplate RARE EPIC
153335 Eredath Lightseeker’s Handguards RARE EPIC
153330 Eredath Lightseeker’s Greaves RARE EPIC
153332 Eredath Lightseeker’s Chestpiece RARE EPIC
153334 Eredath Lightseeker’s Spaulders RARE EPIC
153336 Eredath Lightseeker’s Armguards RARE EPIC
153337 Eredath Lightseeker’s Treads RARE EPIC
153339 Triumvirate High Guard’s Casque RARE EPIC
153341 Triumvirate High Guard’s Greatbelt RARE EPIC
153343 Triumvirate High Guard’s Gauntlets RARE EPIC
153345 Triumvirate High Guard’s Warboots RARE EPIC
153338 Triumvirate High Guard’s Leggings RARE EPIC
153340 Triumvirate High Guard’s Breastplate RARE EPIC
153342 Triumvirate High Guard’s Pauldrons RARE EPIC
153344 Triumvirate High Guard’s Bracers RARE EPIC
155053 Scaleterror Slicer UNCOMMON RARE
155059 Sea Priest’s Spellblade UNCOMMON RARE
155057 Anglepoint Repeater UNCOMMON RARE
155072 Wavetamer Trident UNCOMMON RARE
155079 Thrashneck Gladius UNCOMMON RARE
155064 Wharf-Porter Cudgel UNCOMMON RARE
155417 Keeper’s Crescent UNCOMMON RARE
155418 Spireguard’s Waraxe UNCOMMON RARE
155440 Korthek’s Greatstaff UNCOMMON RARE
155444 Sethraliss-Blessed Greatblade UNCOMMON RARE
155434 Skycaller’s Ceremonial Mace UNCOMMON RARE
158296 Angler’s Longstaff UNCOMMON RARE
158298 Fishmonger’s Gutter UNCOMMON RARE
158295 Shark-Hunter Glaive UNCOMMON RARE
159081 Fallen Nation Carver UNCOMMON RARE
159084 Handscythe of the First City UNCOMMON RARE
159088 Nazmani Hexblade UNCOMMON RARE
159082 Fallen Nation Recurve UNCOMMON RARE
159085 Ancient Loa-Blessed Mace UNCOMMON RARE
159083 Degraded Empire Shortblade UNCOMMON RARE
159086 Corrupted Tribe Headsmasher UNCOMMON RARE
159087 Nazmani Longstaff UNCOMMON RARE
159117 Great Hunt Skullcracker UNCOMMON RARE
159114 Rootway Safari Greatbow UNCOMMON RARE
159119 Headhunter Jo’s Machete UNCOMMON RARE
159115 K’tal Fang Blade UNCOMMON RARE
159118 Rootway Safari Magestaff UNCOMMON RARE
159122 Wildtusk Ivory Headcracker UNCOMMON RARE
159116 Wildtusk Ivory Cudgel UNCOMMON RARE
159120 Great Hunt Warglaive UNCOMMON RARE
159121 Headhunter Jo’s Longstaff UNCOMMON RARE
160014 Lastwind Leggings UNCOMMON RARE
160013 Exiled Veteran’s Legplates UNCOMMON RARE
160016 Scorching Sands Legwraps UNCOMMON RARE
160015 Resilient Outcast’s Legguards UNCOMMON RARE
160033 Sethraliss-Blessed Shortblade UNCOMMON RARE
160032 Korthek’s Staff UNCOMMON RARE
160034 Spireguard’s Greatbow UNCOMMON RARE
160335 Tidespeaker Soles UNCOMMON RARE
160338 Darkwater Waders UNCOMMON RARE
160341 Stormchaser Footgear UNCOMMON RARE
160344 Dread Corsair Stompers UNCOMMON RARE
160373 Tidespeaker Waistwrap UNCOMMON RARE
160379 Stormchaser Buckle UNCOMMON RARE
160376 Darkwater Clasp UNCOMMON RARE
160382 Dread Corsair Cincture UNCOMMON RARE
161174 Lastwind Footgear UNCOMMON RARE
161172 Scorching Sands Footgear UNCOMMON RARE
161175 Exiled Veteran’s Footgear UNCOMMON RARE
161173 Resilient Outcast’s Footgear UNCOMMON RARE
161282 Resilient Outcast’s Footguards UNCOMMON RARE
161281 Scorching Sands Treads UNCOMMON RARE
161280 Lastwind Shoes UNCOMMON RARE
161293 Thrashneck Greatblade UNCOMMON RARE
162775 Gravewalker’s Chestplate RARE EPIC
162777 Gravewalker’s Clutches RARE EPIC
162776 Gravewalker’s Treads RARE EPIC
162778 Gravewalker’s Faceguard RARE EPIC
162782 Gravewalker’s Bindings RARE EPIC
162786 Rootweave Headpiece RARE EPIC
162790 Rootweave Wraps RARE EPIC
162794 Wildguard Facemask RARE EPIC
162781 Gravewalker’s Plated Girdle RARE EPIC
162784 Rootweave Sandals RARE EPIC
162788 Rootweave Mantle RARE EPIC
162792 Wildguard Boots RARE EPIC
162796 Wildguard Spaulders RARE EPIC
162780 Gravewalker’s Shoulderplates RARE EPIC
162785 Rootweave Gloves RARE EPIC
162789 Rootweave Binding RARE EPIC
162793 Wildguard Gloves RARE EPIC
162797 Wildguard Studded Belt RARE EPIC
162783 Rootweave Garb RARE EPIC
162787 Rootweave Britches RARE EPIC
162791 Wildguard Ringmail RARE EPIC
162795 Wildguard Poleyn RARE EPIC
162799 Spell-Splintered Treads RARE EPIC
162798 Wildguard Bracers RARE EPIC
162801 Spell-Splintered Cowl RARE EPIC
162805 Spell-Splintered Cord RARE EPIC
162812 Serene Disciple’s Padding RARE EPIC
162816 Sacrosanct Greaves RARE EPIC
162800 Spell-Splintered Gloves RARE EPIC
162804 Spell-Splintered Mantle RARE EPIC
162809 Serene Disciple’s Handguards RARE EPIC
162814 Serene Disciple’s Cuffs RARE EPIC
162818 Sacrosanct Barbute RARE EPIC
162803 Spell-Splintered Robes RARE EPIC
162806 Spell-Splintered Wristwraps RARE EPIC
162808 Serene Disciple’s Anklewraps RARE EPIC
162815 Sacrosanct Breastplate RARE EPIC
162819 Sacrosanct Legplates RARE EPIC
162802 Spell-Splintered Pantaloons RARE EPIC
162807 Serene Disciple’s Jerkin RARE EPIC
162811 Serene Disciple’s Wrappings RARE EPIC
162813 Serene Disciple’s Cord RARE EPIC
162817 Sacrosanct Gauntlets RARE EPIC
162820 Sacrosanct Pauldrons RARE EPIC
162824 Faithsworn Mitts RARE EPIC
162828 Faithsworn Shoulderpads RARE EPIC
162832 Ambuscade Footpads RARE EPIC
162836 Ambuscade Spaulders RARE EPIC
162821 Sacrosanct Faulds RARE EPIC
162825 Faithsworn Hood RARE EPIC
162829 Faithsworn Sash RARE EPIC
162833 Ambuscade Grips RARE EPIC
162837 Ambuscade Girdle RARE EPIC
162823 Faithsworn Treads RARE EPIC
162826 Faithsworn Pants RARE EPIC
162830 Faithsworn Armwraps RARE EPIC
162839 Earthpyre Chain Shirt RARE EPIC
162843 Earthpyre Leggings RARE EPIC
162822 Sacrosanct Vambraces RARE EPIC
162827 Faithsworn Frock RARE EPIC
162831 Ambuscade Tunic RARE EPIC
162834 Ambuscade Skullcap RARE EPIC
162838 Ambuscade Sabercuffs RARE EPIC
162840 Earthpyre Footguards RARE EPIC
162844 Earthpyre Shoulderguards RARE EPIC
162848 Unshackled Handguards RARE EPIC
162852 Unshackled Epaulettes RARE EPIC
162856 Bladeplate Chargers RARE EPIC
162841 Earthpyre Demi-Gauntlets RARE EPIC
162845 Earthpyre Furs RARE EPIC
162849 Unshackled Crown RARE EPIC
162853 Unshackled Belt RARE EPIC
162859 Bladeplate Legguards RARE EPIC
162842 Earthpyre Coif RARE EPIC
162847 Unshackled Shoes RARE EPIC
162850 Unshackled Trousers RARE EPIC
162855 Bladeplate Cuirass RARE EPIC
162858 Bladeplate Greathelm RARE EPIC
162846 Earthpyre Wristguards RARE EPIC
162851 Unshackled Vestment RARE EPIC
162854 Unshackled Wrappings RARE EPIC
162857 Bladeplate Riveted Gloves RARE EPIC
162862 Bladeplate Braces RARE EPIC
162860 Bladeplate Spiked Shoulders RARE EPIC
162861 Bladeplate Waistguard RARE EPIC
163001 Ambuscade Sword RARE EPIC
162986 Rootweave Staff RARE EPIC
162991 Serene Disciple’s Staff RARE EPIC
162984 Rootweave Greatstaff RARE EPIC
162987 Wildguard Shotgun RARE EPIC
162993 Sacrosanct Scepter RARE EPIC
162994 Sacrosanct Sword RARE EPIC
162985 Rootweave Spear RARE EPIC
162992 Serene Disciple’s Shortsword RARE EPIC
162996 Faithsworn Staff RARE EPIC
163002 Earthpyre Talons RARE EPIC
162990 Serene Disciple’s Trident RARE EPIC
163000 Ambuscade Dagger RARE EPIC
163003 Earthpyre Fangs RARE EPIC
163011 Gravewalker’s Soulblade RARE EPIC
163016 Unshackled Staff RARE EPIC
162995 Sacrosanct Warmaul RARE EPIC
163004 Earthpyre Claws RARE EPIC
163010 Gravewalker’s Runeblade RARE EPIC
163015 Spell-Splintered Rod RARE EPIC
163007 Bladeplate Battleaxe RARE EPIC
163014 Wildguard Spear RARE EPIC
163072 Felbound Warglaive RARE EPIC
163119 Khor, Hammer of the Guardian EPIC RARE
163167 Sacrosanct Protector RARE EPIC
163168 Earthpyre Shield RARE EPIC
163169 Bladeplate Barrier RARE EPIC
163229 Felbound Leggings RARE EPIC
163228 Felbound Gardbrace RARE EPIC
163233 Felbound Shroud RARE EPIC
163236 Felbound Tunic RARE EPIC
163226 Felbound Armguards RARE EPIC
163230 Felbound Tunic RARE EPIC
163234 Felbound Shroud RARE EPIC
163238 Felbound Handwraps RARE EPIC
163227 Felbound Waistchain RARE EPIC
163232 Felbound Handwraps RARE EPIC
163237 Felbound Armguards RARE EPIC
163241 Felbound Footwraps RARE EPIC
163231 Felbound Footwraps RARE EPIC
163235 Felbound Gardbrace RARE EPIC
163239 Felbound Waistchain RARE EPIC
163240 Felbound Leggings RARE EPIC
167731 Battle-Hardened Heirloom Armor Casing EPIC HEIRLOOM
174290 Selfless Collector’s Chestplate RARE EPIC
174291 Selfless Collector’s Warboots RARE EPIC
175588 Faewoven Cowl RARE EPIC
175592 Faewoven Leggings RARE EPIC
177051 Selfless Bearer’s Chest RARE EPIC
177052 Selfless Bearer’s Feet RARE EPIC
178154 Selfless Watcher’s Chestplate RARE EPIC
178155 Selfless Watcher’s Warboots RARE EPIC
179620 Queensguard Cloak RARE EPIC
179768 Oakheart Crest RARE EPIC
179773 Oakheart Cape RARE EPIC
179769 Oakheart Britches RARE EPIC
179887 Queensguard Greathelm RARE EPIC
179891 Queensguard Greaves RARE EPIC
179940 Selfless Forgelite’s Vest RARE EPIC
179941 Selfless Forgelite’s Boots RARE EPIC
180906 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Slippers EPIC RARE
180909 Ebony Death Shroud Gloves EPIC RARE
180907 Fearstalker’s Ebony Sabatons EPIC RARE
180910 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Grips EPIC RARE
180913 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Hood EPIC RARE
180900 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Headgear EPIC RARE
180908 Ebony Death Shroud Boots EPIC RARE
180912 Fearstalker’s Ebony Gauntlets EPIC RARE
180916 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Legguards EPIC RARE
180905 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Greatboots EPIC RARE
180911 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Handwraps EPIC RARE
180914 Fearstalker’s Ebony Helm EPIC RARE
180918 Fearstalker’s Ebony Leggings EPIC RARE
180915 Ebony Death Shroud Hood EPIC RARE
180919 Ebony Death Shroud Breeches EPIC RARE
180927 Ebony Death Shroud Belt EPIC RARE
180931 Ebony Death Shroud Bindings EPIC RARE
180934 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Drape EPIC RARE
180917 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Leggings EPIC RARE
180926 Fearstalker’s Ebony Belt EPIC RARE
180930 Fearstalker’s Ebony Bracers EPIC RARE
180924 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Girdle EPIC RARE
180928 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Wraps EPIC RARE
180936 Ebony Death Shroud Cloak EPIC RARE
180925 Soulbreaker’s Ebony Sash EPIC RARE
180929 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Vambraces EPIC RARE
180937 Fearstalker’s Ebony Cloak EPIC RARE
180938 Dread Sentinel’s Ebony Cloak EPIC RARE
181912 Runewarden’s Guise RARE EPIC
181877 Runewarden’s Greatcloak RARE EPIC
181913 Runewarden’s Legguards RARE EPIC
182250 Bladesworn Harbinger’s Greathelm EPIC RARE
182254 Bladesworn Harbinger’s Greaves EPIC RARE
182262 Bladesworn Wraith’s Stranglers EPIC RARE
182259 Bladesworn Wraith’s Visage EPIC RARE
182253 Bladesworn Harbinger’s Crushers EPIC RARE
182257 Bladesworn Harbinger’s Vambraces EPIC RARE
182256 Bladesworn Harbinger’s Warbelt EPIC RARE
182265 Bladesworn Wraith’s Belt EPIC RARE
182268 Bladesworn Conjurer’s Cowl EPIC RARE
182263 Bladesworn Wraith’s Breeches EPIC RARE
182267 Bladesworn Wraith’s Cloak EPIC RARE
182271 Bladesworn Conjurer’s Gloves EPIC RARE
182275 Bladesworn Conjurer’s Wristwraps EPIC RARE
182266 Bladesworn Wraith’s Armguards EPIC RARE
182274 Bladesworn Conjurer’s Cinch EPIC RARE
182272 Bladesworn Conjurer’s Leggings EPIC RARE
182277 Bladesworn Tactician’s Faceguard EPIC RARE
182280 Bladesworn Tactician’s Gauntlets EPIC RARE
182284 Bladesworn Tactician’s Bracers EPIC RARE
182276 Bladesworn Conjurer’s Cape EPIC RARE
182281 Bladesworn Tactician’s Chausses EPIC RARE
182283 Bladesworn Tactician’s Girdle EPIC RARE
147236 Storm-Tempered Greaves UNCOMMON EPIC
163009 Bladeplate Handaxe RARE EPIC
161283 Exiled Veteran’s Sabatons UNCOMMON RARE
183765 Darkwood Sentinel’s Cowl RARE EPIC
183767 Kaldorei Archer’s Chainmail RARE EPIC
183763 Moonpriest’s Mantle RARE EPIC
183769 Kaldorei Archer’s Shoulderguards RARE EPIC
183764 Darkwood Sentinel’s Tunic RARE EPIC
183768 Kaldorei Archer’s Hood RARE EPIC
183771 Wardenguard’s Greathelm RARE EPIC
183776 Deathstalker’s Chestpiece RARE EPIC
183762 Moonpriest’s Coronet RARE EPIC
183766 Darkwood Sentinel’s Monnions RARE EPIC
183770 Wardenguard’s Chestplate RARE EPIC
183774 Plaguebringer’s Cowl RARE EPIC
183778 Deathstalker’s Shoulderguards RARE EPIC
183773 Wardenguard’s Pauldrons RARE EPIC
183775 Plaguebringer’s Shoulderguards RARE EPIC
183779 Blightguard’s Harness RARE EPIC
183783 Deathguard’s Helm RARE EPIC
183777 Deathstalker’s Collar RARE EPIC
183781 Blightguard’s Shoulderguards RARE EPIC
183784 Plaguebringer’s Robe RARE EPIC
183780 Blightguard’s Helmet RARE EPIC
183785 Deathguard’s Pauldrons RARE EPIC
183782 Deathguard’s Chestplate RARE EPIC
187998 Eternal Heirloom Scabbard EPIC HEIRLOOM
187997 Eternal Heirloom Armor Casing EPIC HEIRLOOM
5748 Centaur Longbow UNCOMMON RARE
151614 Weathered Heirloom Armor Casing EPIC HEIRLOOM
151615 Weathered Heirloom Scabbard EPIC HEIRLOOM
179623 Faewoven Drape RARE EPIC
147275 Beguiler’s Talisman UNCOMMON EPIC
147278 Stalwart Crest UNCOMMON EPIC
9489 Gyromatic Icemaker UNCOMMON RARE
167732 Battle-Hardened Heirloom Scabbard EPIC HEIRLOOM
18343 Petrified Band UNCOMMON RARE
122339 Ancient Heirloom Scabbard RARE HEIRLOOM
122338 Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing RARE HEIRLOOM
122340 Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing EPIC HEIRLOOM
122341 Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard EPIC HEIRLOOM
53097 Gnomeregan Drape COMMON RARE
147245 Ley-Touched Trousers UNCOMMON EPIC
152758 Arinor Keeper’s Tunic RARE EPIC
152780 Ancient Augari Pendant RARE EPIC
162779 Gravewalker’s Greaves RARE EPIC
162810 Serene Disciple’s Sunhat RARE EPIC
162835 Ambuscade Breeches RARE EPIC
182258 Bladesworn Harbinger’s Greatcloak EPIC RARE
182285 Bladesworn Tactician’s Drape EPIC RARE
183772 Moonpriest’s Vestments RARE EPIC