Heartstone metadata missing values

Hey Blizzard team!

I found two issues with the Hearthstone metadata available on endpoint:

  1. Looks like there are some cards which have “cardSetId” with values that do not correspond to objects in the metadata:

“cardSetId”: 3 - “Savagery” with slug ID “481-savagery”. There’s more of these

“cardSetId”: 4 - “Acolyte of Pain” with slug ID “1659-acolyte-of-pain”. There’s more of these

“cardSetId”: 17 - “Alleria Windrunner” with slug ID “2826-alleria-windrunner”

In addition to above it appears that Minions that can be played in all classes are mapped to “classes” in metadata of “id”: 12, which doesn’t exist in the metadata.