Hearthstone document need update

Doc Link: https://develop.battle.net/documentation/hearthstone/game-data-apis

The api support /hearthstone/cardbacks, it is not stated in the documentation.
and dateadded is supported at param sort in /hearthstone/cards
it is not shown at /hearthstone/metadata


A good amount of documentation has been added or updated here .

Also we’ve started a thread to keep everyone appraised of updates here .

Let us know if you have further questions and we’ll do our best to support!

Hi, i was playing HL with 4 friends and when the game was about to finish a lag spike disconnected me. when i loaded into the menu i found out that the game placed me in leaver que and took away more than HALF my rank that took my HOURS to get. please fix this problem. i didn´t leave a game that i was qued up with my friends.

Also, i can’t seem to find where to place a ticket for help. it sends me to forums only and everyone knows nobodys gonna help me in the forums.