Hearthstone API Updates

Hi all,

We’ll be posting updates to the Hearthstone API under this thread.

As a reminder, documentation is located here.

If you have comments or requests please post below and we’ll review.

We have a few to share today:

  • Some new guides have been created here
  • Card Backs documentation has been added
  • Battlegrounds documentation has been updated

Please let us know how we can help and thanks for reading! :+1:

Hello secondsleep, thanks for the update.

I’m updating my ruby gem wrapper for the API and I just wanna make sure I’m not missing anything. So far the API additions I found (besides the documentation) are:

  • New endpoint for Cardbacks in https://{region}.api.blizzard.com/hearthstone/cardbacks
  • New possible queryString param gameMode for the Cards endpoint.

Can you please confirm if those are all the new API features ?

Are the individual card back searches suppose to be working? I’m getting 404s no matter what ID I try.

Confirmed - those are the updates for now.

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Issue appears to be with the documentation - we’ll update soon!

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Battlegrounds is bugged. There are times when i should be hitting the opponent, only for the game to register it as a draw. This problem never came up until the newest patch.

This forum is focused on Blizzard’s web APIs, you might wanna report game mechanics or related issues over Hearthstone Bug Report forum.

Update pushed! Let us know if the individual card back searches are working now?

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What forum do we ask about actual game play in hearthstone?

For example new decent of dragons single with Primodino’s hero power destroys the left most minion but isn’t in normal play like battlegrounds the minions attack left to right from the current players point of view so when I placed my better characters on the left from my view he destroys the right most from primodino’s view seems to conflict with how logistics work compared to battlegrounds

Head over here for discussion relating to the actual client.

The call is working now, thanks!

Are there any plans to release a Community API for Hearthstone?

I could imagine that there may be some hesitation regarding third-party apps taking advantage of this in ranked play, such as HS Deck Tracker trying to determine what cards a player couldn’t have in their hand. I’m sure this could be worked around though.

Hello, in the current version of the card library, Risky Skipper is still a neutral minion race although in the game it is a pirate following an update in January this year. Furthermore, Witchwood cards that rotated to the Hall of Fame are still in the Witchwood set in the card library. Are there any plans to update this before the end of the year of the dragon? Thank you.


I was looking at the card search documentation and I can’t find a solution to get all the Arena card list. Is there any way I can parse the data to only get the current arena card list? I’m creating a android app that shows a list of arena cards and their rank number, so it’s easy for my users to search cards within my list. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. @secondsleep

A lot of Classic cards that were moved to the Hall of Fame are still labeled as Classic. Could those please be updated? Thanks in advance

Are there plans to release any endpoints that are tied to player account? Such as cards in the collection, card backs, achievements, etc?

Hi Serg.
Does it mean’s that now it is impossible to get data during the game, such as received damage, lost health, etc.?

Hi there,
I’m trying to use the Hearthstone API and my issue is that when i request some cards i get a few pages of results. How can i get them in 1 page.
ex. get all arena cards returns 984 cards in 2 pages. i pass a parameter of 1000 results per page (pagesize = 1000) but i still get 2 pages for 984 cards.
Is there a way to get all results in 1 api call?