Hearthstone API - Battlegrounds

Hey there… I run a Bot on a HS-Discord. With that I have implemented the ability to link Cards. I was planning on doing the same for the Battleground cards, but while findable via the CardsetID (1453) there are 2 problems:

  1. Not every minion is listed (Voidwalker for example doesn’t show up)
  2. Not all images are there and when they are, they are wrong (https://d15f34w2p8l1cc.cloudfront.net/hearthstone/671f61fc0af25f3256175b6cdb5a7d0218a1861905925535f39f880f0ac765cc.png gets delivered for Mecharoo for example)

Now I know the API is fairly new and Battlegrounds are still in Beta, but is there any ETA when the cards will be available in the API? I mean playhearthstone obviously has access to the correct pictures since it works there.

Official Blizzard websites do not use the same API, and the APIs only contains data for live patches/expansions. If it is still in beta they’ll probably be available in the same week as the official launch (usually the same day). At least that is how World of Warcraft APIs behave.

As for the missing/incorrect images there is also the API bug report forum you can try.

Well it’s just the Card images for the Battleground-Cards that are wrong, so I’ll wait for it to leave Beta, thanks… :slight_smile:

if hearthstone/cards has tier=all, it will return battlegrounds info, the image url is cards.battlegrounds.image not cards.image.