Having technical issues with HStone since last patch Update

Hello, good evening.

I am writing this report because I am experiencing technical problems with Hearthstone since the last patch introduced today (05/14/2024), in which when trying to access a game or any game mode, the game simply just keep loading infinitely without allowing me to play or enter to any match up.
I have been experiencing this problem since today and I have noticed several issues, the first one: When I restart the game, it reconnects me to the game but this is the only way to be able to play any matchup (basically what i do is to hit the play button (Rankeds, Standard, Wild, doesn’t matter) then close the game and restart it, that’s the only way i had find to be able to play). The second aspect I noticed is that I have only been experiencing this error since the last update (29.4.0) after installing patch 29.4.0 (in which the miniset was introduced), and yes, I have already tried everything I could try to try to solve it (Analyze and repair the game, uninstall and reinstall it, restart the PC, restart battle.net, uninstall everything and reinstall everything, etc) Nothing has worked for me, I don’t understand why.

Now, I tried to test if the error happened too in my European account (I normally play on my main account in America, where I have all my progress) and I tried to play some games from that Europe account, and the game it’s just going well, when I try to enter any game mode I can enter without any problem, so I can deduce that there may be some kind of bug attached to my American account that has some kind of relation since the installation of the new patch, but I still don’t know what it could be. Honestly, my expectation, which was quite high due to the excitement I got from trying out the new miniset and the others new stuff, was completely diluted by this problem that hasn’t let me play all day. Since neither reinstalling the game, nor analyzing and repairing the game, nor anything I have tried has worked, I’m writing this report here (because in the website didn’t allow me to sent it either) to see if some dev of staff member can help me to find a solution to this issuet. Honestly, if I did not find a solution, I would definitely stop playing the game. I hope anyone can help with the problem. Thank you for your time

Hello, this forum is for Bnet on PC. Hearthstone has a separate forum: