Guild crest stopped returning border id

Hello there,

Today API stopped returning id field for “border” element of guild crest. I’m fetching this response via the guild profile API. This is happening on a lot of guilds so if you want a sample I can send, but I guess this field is generally missing. Hope you bring it back :slight_smile:

{“emblem”:{“id”:95,“media”:{“key”:{“href”:“api blizzard com url/data/wow/media/guild-crest/emblem/95?namespace=static-9.0.2_36532-eu”},“id”:95},“color”:{“id”:10,“rgba”:{“r”:9,“g”:42,“b”:93,“a”:1.0}}},“border”:{“color”:{“id”:7,“rgba”:{“r”:0,“g”:103,“b”:31,“a”:1.0}}},“background”:{“color”:{“id”:49,“rgba”:{“r”:255,“g”:255,“b”:255,“a”:1.0}}}}

Thanks for your support…