GM Ladder for US is not updating

US GM ladder hasn’t been updated in the past couple of days, EU and KR seem to be fine.

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I am experiencing the same thing (StarCraft 2 api’s for context). Only NA’s ladders are serving old data. This is on the
/data/sc2/ladder/<LADDER_ID> endpoint

I should note the /sc2/ladder/grandmaster/<REGION> api is still serving fresh data. Here’s an example of how the two are showing different data for the same player in grandmaster league.
Here’s a sample from the grandmaster league endpoint:

      "teamMembers": [
          "id": "668585",
          "realm": 2,
          "region": 1,
          "displayName": "Cham",
          "clanTag": "Ex0n",
          "favoriteRace": "zerg"
      "previousRank": 5,
      "points": 1822,
      "wins": 102,
      "losses": 37,
      "mmr": 6079,
      "joinTimestamp": 1592884779

versus the (currently out of date) data endpoint:

{u'rating': 6141, u'longest_win_streak': 16, u'wins': 80, u'losses': 27, u'member': [{u'played_race_count': [{u'count': 107, u'race': {u'en_US': u'Zerg'}}], u'legacy_link': {u'path': u'/profile/668585/2/Cham', u'realm': 2, u'id': 668585, u'name': u'Cham#762'}, u'clan_link': {u'icon_url': u'', u'clan_name': u'Real eXoN esports Clan', u'decal_url': u'', u'id': 418523, u'clan_tag': u'Ex0n'}, u'character_link': {u'id': 668585, u'key': {u'href': u''}, u'battle_tag': u'Cham#1124'}}], u'last_played_time_stamp': 1594262054, u'points': 1617, u'current_rank': 10, u'highest_rank': 200, u'ties': 0, u'join_time_stamp': 1592884779, u'current_win_streak': 1, u'id': 3324951827006357504, u'previous_rank': 5}

You will notice that the number of wins/losses is very out of sync between the two, as well as the mmr, etc.

I also noticed the /data/sc2/ladder/<LADDER_ID> endpoint is no longer listed on the developer documentation. Is this being deprecated? This would be a massive issue for many developer apps and the other endpoints do not provide anywhere near the same amount of data as you can see in the screenshot above.


Any update on this? NA data endpoints still returns stale data. This is a recurring problem, any possibility for a permanent fix?

Still an issue as of July 23.

Experiencing the same issue.

Looks like it’s working again.

Seems like it on my end too.