Glide dont work in D2

Hello guys
I’m a new player of Diablo 2 and installing the game and tweaking the compatibility everything went well. However, when installing Glide, the game doesn’t work anymore, it opens, gets stuck and closes. I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to help me please?

My PC: Asus notebook
I5 processor, 8gb RAM
Geforce 940m 2gb video card
500gb hard drive
Windows 10

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3DFX Glide is an API that is not supported by modern graphics cards. The Glide API died out when 3DFX Interactive went backrupt back in 2002. To play older games that utilize Glide on a modern system, you’ll need a Glide wrapper for the game to translate the Glide functions to something that DirectX/OpenGL can handle.

Check the following guide:

So, i did everything and still nota work

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если те над настроить глайд на не resurrected то используй мою тему тут rubattle. net/forums/diablo_2/nastroyka_glide_3_to_opengl-1005554
а так тупо канеш шо для resurrected до сих пор нет рабочего обновлённого глайда шоб не играть в 7 фпс на супер компах как я и остальные игроки!((