Game startup constant crashing

Whenever I start up MW2 regardless of safe startup or regular startup the game crashes like man I’m gonna break my monitor i swore.


Been having the same issue on Warcraft since the servers went back up on tuesday. I have so many things without success. Seems like this is happening to multiple people across different games… so annoying honestly.

I am having the same issue with mw2. Tried everything to fix it and even sent an official report out to Blizzard. I have a feeling I have wasted $70.
Any Blizzard tech support please help!!!

Unless your issue is with the installation or patching of the game, you’re barking at the wrong tree.

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This was also formalized in this Support Note:

TL; DR : contact Activision Support

Different game… you should have created a new topic.

You want to post in the Technical Support forum for the game.

World of Warcraft (both Retail and Classic) Technical Support:

Warcraft III (both Reign of Chaos and Reforged) Technical Support:

Good luck !

P.S. : this forum here is to provide feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App (aka, the launcher).

MW2 wont launch from battle net. starts running bootstarpper.exe and then nothing happens. Game doesn’t open. uninstalled the game twice. run scan and repairs. uninstalled battle net, reinstalled it again. gave the game access on fire wall.
wont launch or open…