Game library within the client keeps updating

After updating my game files automatically for each of my games in my library, when I close the client and then open it up again, it repeats itself in a loop updating my game library over and over and over again. It’s a weird bug, my games work and start properly, but keeps updating everytime I open up the client. What is causing this to happen and what can I do to stop it? I mean, I already did update my games, why is it keep repeating to update again?


Having the same issue.

I’m having the same problem.

Same as well.
Keep logging out of WoW, both retail and Classic TBC and it keeps going on to update WoW, TBC Classic and all that. I didn’t notice it at first and just though “Wow, they’re really adding a lot of updates recently” but then when I had free time today, I was swapping between WoW and TBC a few times and noticed it happening every time. It’s a minor inconvenience in the grand scene of things but it would be nice if a Blizzard representative can give us more info regarding this bug.

Oh wow, so this is definitely a bug that Activision Blizzard needs to address asap! They need to be notified from many people like me having the same problem. It’s inconvenient, but at least it doesn’t affect to play any of the games in your library.

Same problem here, everytime i close and open it again it wants to update either retail, classic or both.

Same problem here.

Also, it does the same thing when I exit a game.

I have been dealing with this since yesterday (11/11/21).

Yeah, this is a pretty awful experience.

Every close/launch of a game or the app triggers every game to validate against the remote version of the game, and the process to do so takes like 1-3 minutes each. All the happens is ‘Initializing…’ → ‘Reclaiming disk space…’.

This is especially frustrating because instances of wow (i.e. Classic, TBC Classic, Retail) are not properly decoupled, so if a real update is pending to one the player is locked out of launching another. I had to uninstall retail from my laptop because I kept getting prevented from launching TBC classic this way.

Hopefully Activision Blizzard will release a hotfix patch to the Client app soon.

Same happening to me with the update bug. Ditto ‘Initializing…’ → ‘Reclaiming disk space…’. It seems to favor TBC for me anyway. Im also getting disconnected in game very often now. (every few minutes)

Have you or anyone contacted Activision Blizzard about this issue yet?

same here, been happening to me all day 11/12/2021. It’s even updated the bnet client app and restarted and still it has to download and install a patch for WoW, WoW Classic, and WoW TBC Classic. Whether I restarted my pc, restart the app, or simply went afk and came back after an hour; every time I have to wait for download & install of patch. Every time it shows it completes successfully and yet… fun times Blizz, fun times…

Probably complete reinstallation of both the client and all of your games, oh man that could take hours to do! :frowning:

Same problem, have to be on Admin Windows user account in order to play. Never had this problem.

Whatever the problem is, it needs to be fixed asap. Hope Activision Blizzard is even aware of the problem by now.

I’m having the same issue. It’s seemed to be happening ever since this last weekly reset on Tuesday, November 9. The launcher just continually tries updating all games installed, even though there’s no actual updates for them.

Been having the same problem for a few days now, but not only is it updating when I log into the game, but it also does it when I log out. On the brighter side…I am able to play the game without any problems once it updates for the 45th time!

still not working for me after all game and Bnet reinstalled, from the wow SoM opening. even try the agent 7531 trick, but nothing work… 3 days without playing… is somme dev’s works at activision ? Please respond us…

I’ve been able to avoid the whole endless updating problem by going into my world of warcraft >> classic folder and running WowClassic.exe, I can do without battlenet until it’s fixed.