Fix diablo ii catalina incompatibility or so help me god

Also, unban me for 1,000 years from Starcraft II forums and Diablo III forums. It’s not right. I gave a clear and concise, logical and reasonable accountability taking, for something I said like 5 years ago. That being said, I’m not a hacker, I didn’t shave points on some World Cup game, I literally just lashed out at the trolls who YOU let into the forums, and I am just supposed to let it happen? Forgive me for representing change, and being the guy who recommended that we are allowed to control who says what on our posts. That right there is legitimate to maintain positive and productive forum posts, because if somebody doesn’t like it, they can start their own. Trolling happens because YOU LET IT HAPPEN. I shouldn’t have been banned for it. I’m the homeless Starcraft player, and Blizzard you demoralized me from playing after that, but since then I have completed all your campaign sc2 achievements, and you only reply to me in an email to saying that “you have policies for a reason, and it was justified based on how toxic I was being” it’s like what I said about something being 5 years ago went right over your head. You people don’t seem to believe in second chances, or being good to people, or otherwise standing up in your own department for what is right. That’s all assuming I was toxic, which I’m saying I was not. I literally made the post “Homeless Starcraft II players” which you now have to view on cached because it’s from an old website you used to have, and people became really supportive, and then you let the trolls in to test me, and they became negative and I responded to shut them down and at the same time asked you guys to give me the power to ban them from my posts, you denied me, and then banned ME for 1,000 years. That political bs is unbecoming of you Blizzard and all your workers. Respond please, give me back my dignity.

Furthermore, check out this post about people who are being scammed by Blizzard! Diablo 2 not working on latest mac OS Catalina