Fatal Error 0x00000001419101f1 etc

(Can’t include a screenshot, even with a link ?)

Code error is : 0x00000001419101f1 9926301 0x c0000005 ModernWarfare.exe
Windows 10, latest drivers (Nvidia/Direct X), everything is up to date.


Since today and Warzone S5 started i got this error message after a few seconds/mins into the game. Tried the scan and repair, did not work. Tried to reinstall, did not work.

Never have had any issue of this kind before, the game was working fine up to yesterday.

The crash happens in the random first 1 to 5 mins, wherever i’m, in game, in lobby, in menus etc.

My computer setup did not change at all between yesterday and today, no drivers update etc.

What can i do ?


Same for me!

New patch is borked for PC

Integrity scan complete, Nvidia highlights disabled, tried in safe mode. Still the same issue!


uguale dopo circa 3 minuti da quando apro il gioco esce questo errore ho provato varie cose ma niente ho scaricato il vecchio driver nvidia che casualmente ho aggiornato insieme aa season 5 ma niente uguale

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Same here on pc windows 10. worked until update and now get this message within couple min. Another forum suggested disabling on demand texture streaming but didn’t work for me. Tried with both game-ready and studio Nvidia drivers


Think i’ve sussed it, delete ‘Player’ in My Documents > COD MW

Just played 3 games with no crashes after doing this ^^

How did you come up with that solution ? (gonna try)

Same issue here.
Removed the players folder and copied it to a back-up folder to see what will happen now.
My adv_options.ini in this folder was edited (to use more cpu cores) so I will do this later if this happens to be the fix.
Will let you know!

Did not work for me, i tried, went to the lobby, didnt do anything, didnt setup anything, and after a while, the game crashed.

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I take it back, crashes are back. This is a joke.

Hi there

I am also experiencing this issue on PC. I have an Radeon RX570 GPU and AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU.

My solution so far, although not ideal. Once the error message appears, I don’t click any of the buttons on the menu and just left click back in the COD screen. From there I just search a game and find it with the error screen in the background.

This allows me to play without any more issues, but obviously I would prefer not to get any error messages at all.

Hope this works for you guys and gals.


same issues here. i give up and uninstalled the game. hope reinstall will fix it.

I found a solution that works for me : i had the latest Nvidia Drivers 471.68, i uninstalled them for the previous ones 471.41.

Have been playing for 30min now, no crash.


Thanks for sharing.
I can confirm that removing the Players folder does not work.
I will downgrade my drivers aswell and see what the result will be!

Unfortunately I am not running version 471.68 but 466.11.
But because of your issue being fixed by downgrading, I will completely uninstall and reinstall the driver to see if this fixes the issue. I will not only reinstall the driver but also upgrade it to 471.68 to exclude this driver from being the issue.

In the process i also uninstalled and reinstalled GEFORCE EXPERIENCE, wasn’t intended at first but maybe it might help.

Reinstalled GFE and running 471.68, still crashes.

As i said, i REMOVED 471.68 to install the previous 471.41 (this is the one that works for me)

I reinstalled the driver and upgraded it to the latest version, 471.68.
I did not reinstall GFE and it looks like it is working properly.
If it will crash again, I will report back!
(I have also reinstalled the shader pack from within Warzone, don’t know if this helped)