[FAQs] New Battlenet Launcher App Feb – 2021

New Battlenet Launcher App player FAQs – 2021*

  1. Q: Where is the News article announcing the Bnet Launcher App change?
    A: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23583668/welcome-to-the-new-battle-net
  2. Q: Can I go back to the old Launcher interface once the new software goes Live in my Region and the update is pushed to my account?
    A: No, you can’t. Once a build goes to Live that is default until a new Beta comes out that you can try.
  3. Q: How can I make the Full Screen interface less cluttered! It has too much stuff!
    A: Make sure it is in windowed mode and then drag the side and top down to a mobile type size. It will show only the selected game launch options, one News article, and your Friends List. See below for the smaller version! Background is this forum.

4. Q: I hate it showing games I don’t play! How do I set the Favorites that show at the top?
5. A: Click [All Games] > toggle the star icon in the top left of the game icon. That will show only your favorite games in the top bar where you select games.
6. Q: Can I still pop out the Friends List separate from my Launcher? I want to put it on my Second Monitor.
A: That feature is gone from the New Launcher version. Please be sure to add to the feedback in the Desktop App Feedback forum https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/c/feedback-discussion/6
7. Q: Where is Scan and Repair?
A: [Play] Button > Settings Wheel > Scan and Repair
8. Q: Where did the Scan for Games Button go? My Launcher forgot a game was installed.
A: It seems to have moved. Go to the Bnet blue logo in the top left > Settings > Downloads > Scan for Games. You can also tell it to scan for games on Startup.
9. Q: I want to install on a different or external drive. Where can I set that?
A: Go to the Bnet blue logo in the top left > Settings > Game Settings > Browse or specify location for install and/or update. OR [Play] Button > Settings Wheel > Game Settings
10. Q: How do I change Regions for games with Global Play?
A: [Play] Button > Settings Wheel > Regions


  1. Q: How do I add a Game Key or Blizzard product code?
    A: Click your name in the top right > Redeem a Code
  2. Q: How do I access my Blizzard Battlenet web Account?
    A: Click your name in the top right > View Account.
  3. Q: How do I make the Bnet Launcher CLOSE when I start a game!? I don’t want it running.
    A: Go to the Bnet Logo > Settings > App > use the drop down to select what action you want when you hit [Play]


I will add more if I see common themes that would benefit from being on here!

*Please note that MVPs are other players - not Blizz staff/employees. This is a quick compilation of questions I have seen players ask and is not an official guide of any sort. It is also subject to updates if someone points out I made a mistake! It does happen, after all.


Nicely Compiled… Lots of usefull info here :slight_smile:

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Confusing,unclear and overall unnecessary. Why tf should you change a running, good system, like the battle.net app? I don´t get it, it was fine how it was.


why do this. I hate this new client. the old one had class. this new one is just dull as a brick and helps me with nothing. uninstalling the client is the way to go now I see. and I know plenty of other people who are doing the same REVERT or Uninstall that is the only 2 options. Blizzard has become Actislaves


While you can launch some Blizzard games without the Launcher, that is not the case for all of them. Further, the Launcher is required to update the game clients on patch days. If a client is not patched you won’t be able to log into the game server.

Welp, that’s all I need to read to kill my subscriptions, brb.

Imagine be blizzard and do the WORST launcher ever

Wp blibli

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