False ban - unable to find any information

My World of Warcraft account was initially permanently suspended for falsely being associated with RMT, and subsequently changed to a 2 week suspension for “disruptive gameplay”, obviously very inconsistent - I am afraid that my account has either been compromised or there is another issue that I cannot address. I am silenced from the WOW forum in the meantime as well, which I know certainly is in error because I am careful to communicate in public chat and not be a disruptive player - I’ve been a WOW subscriber for nearly the entirety of the game’s existence. Any input would be appreciated.

No, that is not an error. Players who are suspended or banned do not have forum posting access. Only players in good standing with a current subscription can post on most of the forums.

The Customer Support forum, which is an Information Desk not a means to reach GMs, is usually still available though.

It sounds like you already appealed and had your penalty reduced. Blizzard does not give the exact details of their investigations such as exactly which raid and which person you traded with. If you wish to learn more about policies overall, not specific to your exact account action, you can post on the WoW CS forum. Again, this is not a means to appeal or reach a GM.

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