"Failed - Network Error" when trying to download Battle.net Application Installer

Tried to download the battle.net setup.exe on multiple computers (windows and mac) and browsers but it will always stop at 30% and stop. Anyone else having similar problems?


Yes I’m having this exact issue right now D:

hi. same problem :frowning:!!!

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I have the exact problem, unable to down Call of Duty Warzone as well.

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same here it stops at 20% and it says “Failed - Network Error”


Same here. DAYS trying to download :c I’m From Chile BTW and have no problems on conection…

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i also have the same problem downloading with 20kps, and keep on failed

Same problem here. I hope they fix it asap

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Hey there,

It sounds like you may be getting the “Network Error” on the download from our website, correct? If yes please be sure to check my other post. If not please reply with more detailed information on the error code or text.


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It doesn’t give any error for me. It just stops downloading between 40 and 56%. It doesn’t say paused, it just stops. Tried turning off my firewalls, checked for viruses, restarted, closed other programs… I can do updates on my steam games and for my graphics driver, so connection is not the issue. I have this issues with all blizzard downloads. I tried StarCraft II and Call of Duty: warzone before I tried the App. Its something with blizzard I am assuming. nothing to do besides cancel download. tried running and just saving. SAME issue on my cell phone, I tried to download the installer file on to my phone to try to transfer it onto my laptop, and it kept retrying the download- it kept downloading to about half way and then restarting from 0 again.


old version of the download worked for me, saw it on another thread! wont let me reply with a link, but just get rid of the enters, it might work!



and now its letting me install StarCraft!!!

Same here, jesus blizz you guys cant do anything right anymore.


this surely is a good way of getting new customers! specially when everyone is working remotely hahaha

I can’t download it either and i wanted to install modern warfare tonight

i cant download anything from it. got a new pc and everything keeps failing.

So I was having the same issue tonight. (new edge browser, would get to about 60% then say network error) Strangely it seems connecting to my phones hotspot completed the download, then I was able to get back on my normal ISP and go about downloading games. Odd, and may not work for everyone, but it may help.

I have been having the same issue.

Came here to report the exact same problem. Fails at 82% downloaded on multiple browsers on Windows 10.

yourstruly88 his link work for me try it