Error Code BLZBNTAGT00000BB8

Attempted to scan and repair WoW and WoW TBC Classic. Both get to 98% then stop and give me the error BLZBNTAGT00000BB8. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall, and it keeps happening.

Edit: so after uninstalling and reinstalling again, it seems to have worked. It took nearly 2 days but I’m able to play again.

Blizzard, please get your house in order and focus on these issues ASAP. Anything that ruins the gamers experience is only going to hurt you more in the long run.


I’m having the same problem

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Same issue here waiting for fixing!

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Same issue as of today 2 Aug 2021, I am hoving the same in COD black ops, takes forever for the repair scan and then at about 90% i get oops somthing went wrong. Very frustrating.

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I have the same issue, can we have someone to help us fix this issue?

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im having the same issue!

Same here only I get to 16% then oops! Tried the various fixes but still the same.

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I seem to get this issue every other ‘update’ and it never fixes until the ‘update’ the week after which contains an undocumented fix!
6 month Subscription and looking like I may be paying for a month I can’t even access the game!

BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 same issue on COD and yes I have scan and repair same sh!t different story! Fix this FFS every time a patch comes out you break something else :frowning:


the problem is it isn’t causing issues with everyone so ‘it isn’t a major fault’. Whereas I would have thought that if someone is paying for a service is should work!

same problem today please fix this

same crap. cannot repair, update or reinstall to resolve.

essa bosta não esta atualizando, ja segui todos os passos que voces recomendaram… eai empresinha vão fazer o que??? ja estou a 2 dias com o mesmo problema

chega em 99% e da um erro e volta tudo de novo, ja deixei horas e nada, ja desisntalei ate a bnet e nada… decadente o serviço de voces

I have the same issue when trying to repair Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War as of 8/13/2021. The repair utility gets 98% of the way complete, and then discontinues and returns error BLZBNTAGT00000BB8. Based on other responses in this thread, the error message doesn’t appear to be specific to a certain game, and persists even after trying the suggested troubleshooting methods listed here: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 - Blizzard Support - I have never seen the app complete a successful repair for any game. The whole point of trying to use it is to avoid a cumbersome fresh install of the game. If the last step in the support article is to reinstall a game, why even support this feature at all?


Wow. So the desktop app just got me stuck in an update loop, where the app thinks the game has an update. (it does not; I literally just updated the game right before attempting to run the repair tool) - Now when I click “Update” actually runs the “Scan and Repair” utility instead, which once again fails exactly as previously described. The downside now is that the game is totally unplayable until I completely re-install it. Way to go Blizzard. It’s pretty obvious the “Scan and Repair” feature was pigeon-hole developed for one or a few games, and does not work effectively for all. Do the entire community a favor and get rid of it, or support it directly. I have already reported the bug formally through the desktop app, so don’t offer that as feedback. Thanks.

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Hey Magicalcuban did they ever replay to your emails. or MSG? or they just ignoring you cause at them moment i have same loop hole… I did press ‘scan and repair’ and now all the time scaning and at the end of 98% showing me Error… ‘BLZBNTAG00000BBB’ like What in the world… is going on with 1st the the game its self use my Cpu like its endless mean warzone and now batlle…net… is in loop hole scaning and repairing …

So I just had the same thing happen when I scanned Cold War, it a launcher issue that also happened to me when Season 4 launched. Please remove the scan and repair feature if all it does is corrupt game files.

Yeah I agree, this is ridiculous. It just happened to me for Warzone, maybe I should just completely re-install :frowning:

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I too am having the same issue. With then net I have I am NOT going to uninstall and reinstall all of wow. Seriously blizz you need to fix some the garbage your system or just go out buissness allready. It is obvious you do not care about your customers anymore