Error: BLZBNTBGS000003F8 account is disconnecting every 5 or less minutes.
In game I’ve this error code BLZBNTBGS000003F8
On desktop app I can clearly see my account going offline then relogging.
The problem started on friday 13th march 2020.
This problem is marked as solved on twitter but I’m sorry to see that’s not solved at this time.


Same, Everything worked fine until Friday night Saturday morning. I can’t even get to the ground in a parachute in warzone anymore without disconnects. Plenty capable pc 3900x w/2080ti, re-installed all graphics, audio, game, and launcher, and network drivers to no avail. Even set launcher and game as admin. This is the only app having internet issues on my pc.


I was actually okay yesterday, but today I started having this exact error.
PC: i7-8th gen, GTX1060, and I won’t reinstall anything until someone gives me the okay.


me too i have a same error message.
PLS blizzard solve this error pls X(


Hey all, thanks for reaching out. I certainly understand how irritating persistent disconnects can be when you simply want to enjoy your gaming time. We aren’t aware of any server-side issues at the time of this message, so the reports here are likely not related to each other.

With that in mind, I encourage trying these steps to help narrow-down what’s causing the issues. Keep in mind that Blizzard Support can only help troubleshoot disconnects from the Desktop App, as we can’t assist with troubleshooting Call of Duty disconnects.

I hope this information helps!

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yea those steps doesn’t help at all.
restart router, IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS, i even turn off WiFi to eliminate the possibility of a remote device hogging the bandwidth, and still get the disconnected from server issue, both in multiplayer and single-player.

it is so frustrating !!!


i am also having the same issues after trying everything listed above, battle net disconnects and connects over and over


what is this the game keep disconnecting its have been more than 60 days i try all the given solution but non help i cant play call of duty MW and now cant play WarZone i need to know is this going to be solved or not if not i need my cash back i have not played the game.


I am having trouble signing up for an Activision account and I get the same error message. Please help me resolve this.


I can not connect to Battlenet at all.


I’m having the same issue with the blizzard/battlenet launcher. Everything else on my computer that is connected to the internet works just fine without any interruptions. But lately I have been playing Warzone and I will be in a game and just disconnect from battlenet and it is just annoying.


Yea I have tested everything on my end. Everything is working perfectly, it’s on there side.


Guys your company is incompetent beyond belief! Are you still trying to push blame on to user’s systems? Let’s have a look; I run 2 Ubisoft games; Wildlands and Division 2 for hours without a network issue. I also run Escape from Tarkov which is a Russian independent development in beta - thickly lacking the manpower and money Activision/Blizzard has - without the need of change or tinker anything with my system for hours online without a hiccup. Similar Situation with Insurgency Sandstorm. MW? I didn’t manage to finish a single multiplayer match in the last 2 months, NONE! The only reason I still log in to check if the issue is still persist. At least have the decency acknowledge your responsibility! Can you arrange a refund? I won’t touch another of your products in the future!

Update; problem with connection to Blizzard servers still exist and even more frequent than before. Even if I just have my Battle Net launcher up and running I see disconnection every 3-5 minutes while other network connections are stable. The link you`ve shared in your original post has already over 800 clicks on it just in this single thread and there are many similar forum entries all over the internet. It is very poor service from a company with all the resources Activision/Blizzard has. Still I can’t see a single response from the company to address the issue or offer working resolution.


I have the exact same problem. About 15 minutes into a game (doesn’t matter if gorund war or war zone) the game crashes with the error code BLZBNTBGS000003F8. This started for me in february. I’m starting to feel like every time you update this game, there are more bugs and errors.
Can you PLEASE fix this or give me a refund?


I’ve fix the problem on used the 4G of my mobilephone. But in 3 days I have no more 4G xD


Same here. I use my phone to play CoD. It’s clearly an internet issue between their servers and our ISP. I have traceroutes and winMTR logs, but I can’t even create a ticket without getting another error from their website too :

You can’t submit this ticket.
An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.



im having the same issue, it wasnt like that when i first downloaded the game. anyway, i tried switching the Region from Europe to Americas and it didnt disconnect but the ping was way too high


Ok. I got same issue I can play every other game with no issues but on COD, D3 I can’t even play because every 1-2hrs I get disconnected with this error. And these blizzard steps like restart routher, flush DNS doesen’t help at all.


BC444A5F-5E25-458B-8793-E09F4038334D 2 pop up windows when i press start, will not let me log in. did everything and then i did everything again, getting pretty upset, might just unistall .

It’s a mistake activation give Warzone partnership to Blizzard, obviously Blizzard server cannot manage this, and it’s ruining the game. poor.