Error: blzbntbgs000003f8

Hello, i go no problem since this week-end:


I tried everything, to port, Ip reset, netsh etc etc, problem occurs Europe region, and now America too, never had this issue bedore

connection is fine, and nothing has changed, i played since march without any trouble, now i can’t play anymore.

My mates also have this problem , we all have this problem since the last week in fact.

Please Fix, and stop sending automatic responses saying everything is, ok , we know it’s false, thx.

Already contact activision, they 100% sure it’s Blizzard authentification issue.


I got the same issue just started happening this weekend. Pretty sure its not a coincidence as so many people started having this issue on the same day. I got 26 days on this game and never had this error code till now lol.

Yep, i contacted Activision and the European provider , Demonware which handles the servers management in Europe. They both 100% sure it’s a Blizzard problem.

I’m having the same problem, i can’t play anymore! we need this to be fixed ASAP!

Same for me, I haven’t been able to log in since maintenance.

I’ve had the same issue since bocw came out never had it happen once when i was playing mw

they need to stop doing crappy work and overhaul their servers, if they cant handle the new players they were hoping to get.

Hey all,

For that particular error code (and two others), Bliz has a thread going where they are collecting information and providing updates as they get them.