Enchantments to Warcraft 2 BNE requested!

There are still many people who want to play Warcraft 2 BNE; however, we would like some help from Blizzard to allow us to return to our favorite game from our childhood (Warcraft 2). First, we are wondering if Blizzard is planning on remastering Warcraft 2 as it did with Broodwar? We really could use an updated version of this classic game (especially when even C&C has a remastered version now, which is older than War2). Currently the only official place to play War2 is using GoG War2 version on Global BNE server. But most of the people actually play War2 on private servers because Global BNE server lacks basic functions that modern online gaming requires. Our group compiled a list of issues that we would like Blizzard to update on Global BNE War2 server. We would like:

  • One common landing channel that is the same for everyone connecting to the game no matter their language (so no one arrives in an empty channel).
  • /r command to reply to the last whisper received
  • /games command to see games being currently hosted and played with the name of the games the number of players in them and the status of the game (full / open / started)
  • /users command to see how many users are connected and how many are playing.
  • /watch command to track movements of a given player when he gets into games.
  • A status page where people can see externally on a web page who is connected on the server and what channels or games they are on.
  • Some lobby tracking system for streamers to display on their stream who they are playing with their country flags and how the teams are set. (very useful for casting tournaments and big events).
  • APM display.
  • A spectator mode and a way to save and load replays from the game.
  • A program to allow players to change their hotkeys in game.
  • An optional patch for color-blind people to change player colors that are difficult to see on screen.
  • An ELO based ladder system and page that can be checked out and that takes into account the most common ways of playing multiplayer which is at “even faster” speed on top vs bottom 2v2 or 1v1. Also, would be nice to have 1v1 matching akin to how it is currently done for Remastered Broodwar.
  • A latency fix to allow players to get the best latency possible while starting games.
  • An antihack.
  • A better ddraw.dll library that supports glsl shaders and window mode and never crashes for the game (there even is open source versions just google cnc-ddraw.dll).
    -Add check box to allow hosting of maps with random starting position in TVB but using custom units and upgrades values. basically a “use default unit and upgrade values” checkbox. (right now players have to select fixed order to activate custom values) and you cannot activate them in all teams configurations.
    -Allow players to also change values of spells and effects in map editor could be a great addition too.

Hopefully at least some of these could be addressed :slight_smile: We hope Blizzard will not forget one of its original masterpieces, and will take steps to revive War2 just like it did with Broodwar.


It is extremely unlikely that Blizzard will ever update Warcraft II again.

They made a business deal with GOG for GOG to maintain and electronically distribute Diablo, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition. Blizzard is done with these three titles directly, and have repeatedly stated that the classic games they were going to update and maintain were Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II. With Diablo II: Resurrected on the horizon, Blizzard has stated that they are done remastering their classic games.

1999’s Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition was, in a sense, Blizzard’s first remaster. They updated both 1995’s Tides of Darkness and 1996’s Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion Set to work in Windows 95, added full Battle.net support, and added many new exclusive BNE multiplayer maps, including releasing a handful of additional free downloadable maps in the months after. Battle.net Edition was released as a standalone boxed product, as a Warcraft II Battle Chest (with strategy guide included) and as a pack in bonus title with the Warcraft III Exclusive Gift Set. The updated version, similar to Starcraft: Remastered, included the full campaigns for both the original game and the expansion set, and lots of other improvements to the original versions–for a value price.

Blizzard has done quite a lot for Warcraft II over the years since the original 1995 release, and GOG is continuing to make it available and playable today, with full Battle.net support. The requests you ask for are certainly good ones–but I don’t think we’ll ever see them.