Does not show text correctly

When ever i right click a user in my friends list it say´s something like


or just the text in the field where you write

have anyone experienced this ??

it does this even if i use the standard version.

Like in this topic : Friend's Chat Drop-Down Menu ?

yep exactly like that post.

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Ok – I’ve posted @Falric’s screenshot above – perhaps a few others will speak out on this…

I’m not using the Beta version of Battlenet, and I have the same thing, but only when the application is set to English (UK). All other languages seem fine…

(I can’t embed the screenshots any more, probably been away from forum so long my TL3 has decayed off)

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I was able to replicate this issue this morning (7 June 2024)… by setting the App to English (UK).

Mine is normally set to French… so I didn’t know what OP was referring to. :slight_smile: