Discord won't connect with Battle.net app on PC


I’ve been trying to connect my Discord with battle.net, unfortunately it won’t allow me as it says the following:

"Permission Required

Please Try Again Later

Your preference setting for sharing game data and profile information for this Battle.net Account is still being processed. If you want to grant “Discord” access to information about your Battle.net Account, please try again later."

There is an option to click “Go to Battle.net Account Management”, and when I click, it gives me a “404 Not Found” error everytime.

I checked my account settings to make sure Share Game Data setting has been enabled, and my battle.net desktop profile has also been set to public.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

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I’m having the same issue. Our application is using Blizzard Oauth to verify a user and get the user’s BattleTag. Everything works fine if the user previously granted our third party app access to their Battle.net account, but if not, then he/she experiences the same issue as Vesper mentioned.

After the user enters their username and password, they get a prompt saying “Permission Required”, as mentioned by Vesper. See image below.
h ttps://imgur.com/a/tubJWl5

Upon clicking on “Go to Battle.net Account Management”, they are redirected to h ttps://oauth.battle.net/oauth/management/settings/privacy-options which gives a 404 http error.

Any information on what’s going on? Thanks in advance.