Disconnected and CD key in use by myself

I just beat normal and it kicked me all the way out but tells me I am still logged in. I just don’t want to log in and find I was hacked and my junk taken. How do we know its just a Blizz bug? How do we fix it so it stops kicking me out?

please fix it for me too, i’m having this same issue from like 3 hours now and I dont want to be this long… Antaria.

Must be a problem with Bnet, im on 3.5 hours now. Character name is Bartoz.

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I never even got a chance to login, changed my password and registered email address and i lost connection to battle.net and its been like 4 hours. it says my cd key is being used by me. 20 years later and something as minute as this thwarts Hardcore Diablo 2 fans. I remember 1.07, 1.08 days. Golden days before runewords and bots ruined everything. Maybe if blizzard charged a monthly subscription like WoW for Diablo II. Then maybe they would up the security on those actually violating Policies and Terms. Instead of Smacking anything that moves. I bet no one Bots or cheats or modifies or violates WoW in any way shape or form. If they do I bet they’re swiftly and severely dealt with, with out it affecting legit players. I seriously hope Diablo II Resurrected does not have the same BS that has plagued D2 classic for so many years. I wouldn’t mind paying 15$ a month to know there is no bots or cheaters or MH etc. That we could play on premium and well maintained and secured servers. In the mean time i would like to play on battle.net US EAST. My character is Sparkx.

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I have same problem - getting error about “only 1 instance can be connected at time” CD key been in used - net result can’t reconnect to battle.net for about 2 hours or so. I have completely re-install games (D2Classic and D2LOD) did not helped at all - char name Dreamtwister US East Ladder

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same issue about 12 hours…this is dumb. id buy another cd key if i had the cash rn. but this would surely happen with that on too. so i guess it dosnt matter. Ive played for 15 years on and off.Love the game. Hate all the server issues. the solutions always wait and wait some more. its would be nice if the was a real solution like them fixing the problem. Rumpleforeskyn

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I also am having an issue reconnecting that has been going on about 5-6 hours now. I was in a game, I believe with my sorc, named SorcerWrist, and I got an error forcing me to close the gam. I am now unable to log back in as it is saying “Unable to connect, your CD key is currently being used by: ‘my name’ …”

Was pretty excited to come back and play after 7-10 years, in anticipation for D2R. However, now I am unsure if I’ll pre-order due to still having server issues this many years later… It’s not a very good look before a re-release and I am not confident it will even be playable on release day now due to the ongoing issues, especially at the cost of $40…

I can’t get on battlenet either. It’s been quite a while and I’m still waiting please resolve this issue.

Hey Can you guys tell me how much longer my cd key still in use will be in effect. its been 14 hours…also I heard if I keep checking that resets the timer…is that true? account is slow5087. character name is Coyote_VQ thanks

uh… is that sarcasm about a monthly fee making them deal with botting and bugs? Cause one thing is for sure about WoW and that its full of bots, hacking and bugs. You pay a monthly fee and Blizzard does nothing about it and it very severely affects non abusers.

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I am having the same issue. It has been 24 hours and I still cannot login. Please give us an update on this issue. Thanks.

Oh look we got a comedian over here.

I am not able to log into my character for 24 hours! hELP~~~~

Its been 20 god damn hours now fix the friggin game!

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It is beyond me that this game as old as it is - has sooooo many glitchy issues still!

I cant logg into my account as it say that I am using the CD Key hahahahaha it has been 24 hours

I left my char in the join menu all night. Try a while later after I closed the game and I can’t connect.

3h later- stall can’t connect… idk

lol, a pokemon :open_mouth:

Catch them all !

i cant connect either. diablo II tells me my cd key is being used by me . i was logged out for well over 15 hours prior to getting the messages. i bought legit digital copies of D2 and D2 LOD directly from blizzard two years ago. Complete bs please resolve immediately. My only character is a Lvl 24 Sorceress named Sparkx.

Bought my copies of D2 and D2 LOD straight from blizzard. Digital copies if you will, played on a Sorceress till lvl 24 on US EAST LADDER SOFTCORE. Exited normally around midnight, next day around 6pm changed my password and registered email for security purposes. Boom lost connection and haven’t been able to reconnect since. I never logged back in but have a shadow log? please help Blizzard its been two days now. Ridiculous with the technology we have now a days. This kind of stuff should be obsolete. Character is Sparx… I get the message Your CD Key is Being Used By COREY KING which is ME!!!.

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im haveing the same issue. this is bull. i dont see why there not an option to log off the server on battle net. this problems been happening for years. this sucks. blizz sucks a fat one too apparently, if only they pull it out and take care of their paying customers. then they can get back to the knob slobbing…like corn on the cob

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