DII cannot connect to Battle.Net on all regions

Good evening,

On attempts to connect to BattleNet it constantly states “BattleNet is not responding. Please try again in few minutes” on all realms. Tried waiting, rebooting computer and so forth. Purchased the title two days ago. I believe VPN was unintentionally/automatically turned on the first run. Is my IP on temp restriction from the VPN? How long must I wait?

I had a similar issue aside from I never used a VPN. I downloaded the game along with multiple friends of mine to play together and not a single one of us all different locations. ISPs all running private home networks… And absolutely no assistance

The only way to find out you are IP banned is to contact support jump through all of their hoops for them to give you no help and no reason for the ban in the first place… no ability to remove the ban and nothing other than oh well wait 14 days

I just got off the phone with blizzard support after 5 days of fighting this issue, attempting to install the game from the blizzard site to immediately not being able to log in. The reasoning blizzard provided was that there was activity on my IP address associated with China… basically they said we have no idea and we can’t figure it out so we are going to give you the most generic bull crap response we can draw up.

Multiple friends who just purchased the game and have never even attempted to play are also IP banned they must’ve been in cahoots with China as well. I’m baffled by th customer service and they all need fired.

This is happening to me as well. Got tired of D3 and wanted to try D2 out. Downloaded it fresh from Blizzard website, log in, and BOOM can’t connect to BATTLE.NET… what a piece of crap. And of course I will be waiting 24 hours to have my ticket responded to as well.