Didn't know about OW forums

sorry that I’ve been posting overwatch stuff on the actual blizzard forums and not the OW forums. I honestly never knew because when I log in it takes me to the blizzard forums and I didn’t know where to go to the overwatch forums. Again I’m sorry and won’t post overwatch stuff on here again.

Don’t worry we have seen a lot of this situation lately.

If you can please explain better the process that brought you here. This can possibly help Blizzard make adjusts to the interface so customers won’t have the same frustration in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay so let me explain it. So before I made my first post here I saw a post on the internet about Dr Ziegler and went on OW forums. I thought OW forums was a selection on the blizzard forums so when I saw API Discussion (for general discussion, etc,) I thought that meant discussions for all of their games. And when I looked for the OW forums on blizzard forums it brought me to OW info and wanting me to buy it (which I already got it.) So maybe to prevent this from happening maybe you guys OR blizzard can give links to each game forums instead of just looking up Overwatch Forums, WoW forums, etc.

I see. One simple solution for this could be creating a locked category for each game on this forum instance with only one post in each category containing the link to the actual game forum.

I’ll try to suggest this over the support site feedback forum. Thanks for the info.