Suggestion to reduce off-topic posts

Recently we have noticed a lot of off-topic post over the API and API Bug Report forums. Most of the time are people asking questions or sending suggestions for Overwatch, Hearthstone, WoW, etc

Based on this reply it seems people are redirect to Blizzard forums after signing in to

Perhaps it would help if we had a few locked (read only) categories in this forum (one for each game) containing links for the actual forum.

Having a better infrastructure with links for various additional categories would make the forums easier for said people to find the more appropriate forums for them to make their posts where they belong. I just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find some way of providing general game feedback and gave up with an entry on the support site feedback that contained maybe one sentence about the support site and the rest of the post about what I felt I needed to get off of my chest.