Diablo IV Regional Pricing Issue for Turkey(Türkiye)

Hello! It seems the regional pricing for Turkey (Türkiye) is wrong, Blizzard announced that they’ll take 10 TL base for $1.00 yet even if the Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 it is priced as 1699 TL. It seems the price is based on current Turkish Lira/USD Dollar price, isn’t the price should be 1000 TL?


Ticket atalım ben attım.

Community ekibinin bu tarz sorunlarda söz hakkı olmuyor, bana böyle cevap verdiler ve buraya yönlendirdiler.

doğru yapmışsın, ne kadar çok bu ve benzeri topic açılırsa o kadar etki ihtimali olur

Evet bana da aynı mesajla döndüler topic açmaya devam

Ihtimali de geçtim dostum, açıkladıkları TL/Dolar fiyatlandırması bu oyuna apply edilmemiş nedense. Eğer bilerek yapılmış bir şeyse en azından sebebini öğrenmek isterim.

Same probleme here with Kazakhstan tenge currency. 70$ for a standart edition is rediculus price for Kazakhstan.

I’m sorry :frowning: They also did a price adjustments for Kazakhstan right? They should reduce these prices.

Hi everyone. In armenia its also interesting. It shows a price in Georgian Lari as 191 gel which is about 94$

Also there is a post from guy in Moldova which says that for them all prices are in Ukrainian hryvnia.
So both Lari and Hryvnia are unstable currencies and after some time if rate become worse its possible we would be charged even more while trying to convert our currency to any other (in addition to a losses which you have while converting a currency).
So I dont see a reason why its not just a Drams or Dollars (there is a lot of people in armenia who gets their salary on dollars so that currency would be fare also), the way it is now leads to a lot of problems. Im not even speaking about making price lower than 70$ for poorer markets

YEAH, 69.99-99.99 usd is cracy price, I cant paying that price to a game, event I living in Norway, but the price so expansiv, much country in europe paying alot hight electricity price an use a GTX 3090 to play the gam… and paying ,Disney+, Netflix, football tv, ps5, xbox food, collective transport, fixing car , no more holiday?

Hope someone from Blizzard answers to this topic, because something with the pricing is definitely wrong.

If game developers continue increasing prices especially for countries that has lower income mostly , using illegal copies will thrive. so my advice is to balance prices due to countries income level so the dont us loyal customers!!!

Tracking activity on other posts related to this problem, no activity yet. Aither no fix in shop - still wrong currency