Diablo iv movement issues and lag

On Diablo IV for xbox one, since the newest mini season launch, both my character and my husband’s have experience significant in game movement issues. The characters will get stuck against walls, going through doorways, and have both forward and backward drift. We have tried changing dead zone settings, cleaning our controllers completely, confirming internet connections, and clearing all cache. This is only happening on Diablo 4, not any other games, nor any TV platform content, and we played since launch prior to this issue with nothing similar happening. Only since the new mini season have we seen this occur. We love the game and want to continue playing but we end up having our characters get stuck and die repeatedly, so it becomes frustrating to even try. Any guidance or help would be appreciated!

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Wrong forum…

This forum is to report bugs on the Blizzard Application Programming Interface (API); it is the wrong place to report issues and ask for help on Diablo IV.

Instead, please use one of the applicable Diablo IV forums here: Blizzard Support - Diablo IV Support Forums

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