Diablo Immortal attack skills overriding dh daring swing

Diablo Immortal dh daring swing skill continually gets overridden by attacks. When leaping one is supposed to be invulnerable to damage, that is being beaten by a few different skills. Also daring swing is being cancelled when partially and even mostly through it. I’ve even taken three of four players who were attacking my dh in bg with me on one of my leaps. I’m guessing this is a loading sequence error. Attacks shouldn’t be overriding defenses like this, or cancelling them out, or voiding their effects.

Hey Tak.

This forum is for Diablo 1. You want:

My class seems awesome and misaligned, like jealous scurvy attacks if supported by loathsome trash monkey to do so. Enjoy the necromancer though, and the game; I hope that gets resolved.

Tey reading the post DIRECTLY above you… smh