Diablo II Resurrected Version Differences?

What is the difference between Diablo 2:Resurrected $39.99 vs Diablo Prime Evil Collection Upgrade $49.99? $10 for what? (Doesn’t Explain)
I already own Diablo 2 / Lord of Destruction & Diablo 3 /Reaper of Souls /Rise of the Necromancer.


You can check this post :

The Upgrade price adjustment seems to be flaking out for some people.

You’re the second person to report that you already own everything except the cosmetics, but the Upgrade price isn’t adjusting for it. From what I’ve heard from another MVP friend is that, if the cosmetics are the only part of the Collection you don’t have, then the Upgrade should say $10, not $49.

And you are right, the shop page is terribly organized and confusing.


I have the same issue. I have all of the DLC’s and upgrade shows 49.


That sounds right. If you don’t want the D2R cosmetics for D3 then you would want to get just the base D2R for $39.99

This has caused a lot of confusion, including to me. So this is what seems to be going on. Hopefully this helps.

Diablo® II: Resurrected™ Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection Upgrade
Price $39.99 $59.99 Account Specific
D2R Cosmetics for D3 ($10) X X
D3 Bundle* ($10) X Checks for licences
* D3, RoS, Necro

Price breakdown (USD)

  • D2R $39.99
  • D2R Theme Cosmetics (for D3) $10
  • D3 packages $10

If you have any part of those three the “upgrade” will adjust price based off of the licenses on your Bnet account.

*Note: Reference to LOD in the Shop page means they resurrected LOD as well as base D2 as a bundle. You won’t have to buy a remastered LOD separately. It is NOT a new LOD 2001 license.


Same listing price. It actually prevents me from going ahead to pre-purchase it.

What is preventing you from making a purchase?

If all you want is the D2R game and you don’t want any part of the D3 stuff, just buy the base D2R game for $39.99.

The only reason to get the other bundles is if you want the Diablo 3 cosmetics of Diablo 3 game bundle.

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Do you know if the D2R Bundle upgrade also gives cosmetics to console users like Switch?

No it does not Venatus. There is no connection between D3 PC and the Consoles.

The bundle on the shop only grants the cosmetics to PC D3.

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So it’s $40 for the base game even if we already own D2? Just trying to get clarification… I already own D2 (original + expansion), plus all D3 content minus the new cosmetics. I’m seeing 3 options, one for 40, 50, and 60. Thanks.

Wish the page would be updated so you know exactly what each one is.

I have Diablo prime evil collection upgrade priced at $49.99, so you are saying it cost 10$ for just the mephisto wings and pets for d3???
since I have D3 and all the expansions (ros+necro)?
what a bummer, they give more incentive to people who have not purchased d3 and all it’s expansion and giving them a 20 dollar price for all d3 stuff with wings and pet but not to loyal d3 fans… they should price this at the least $5


Yes, that is what I am saying.

That is why I made the chart and the list of prices below it :slight_smile: It breaks it all down for you. Scroll up the thread a bit.

D2 original will remain playable as it is on old Bnet. Having it does not count as a discount towards D2R.

What they are selling is D2R, Cosmetics for D3, and the D3 bundle. All prices are based on which parts of those things you have. For example if you have all of D3 then it takes $10 off the full D2R + D3 bundle.

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It does indeed tell you, right on the shop page, actually:

  • The Diablo® Prime Evil Collection contains Diablo® II: Resurrected™, Diablo® III: Eternal Collection, and the Mephisto pet and Hatred’s Grasp wings for Diablo® III.

Diablo 2 and D2:LoD are a completely different game from D2R, so you don’t own any of the new content. The “upgrade” package doesn’t contain D3 game keys, so you don’t own any of that content already, either.

Do any of the packages come with the base D2 (2000) and D2:LOD (2001)? When I try purchasing D2 (2000) I’m getting the “Upgrade Your Experience!” window before it lets me checkout.

Diablo 2 2000 and LOD 2001 are sold separately in the shop.

If you wish to buy D2 (2000) you can, but the shop might recommend you also get the expansion D2:LoD (2001).

Those purchases of the original game have nothing to do with the D2R bundles.

So if I understand correctly they put same value on D3 Eternal collection and a few cosmetics for D3? So as a fan of diablo since like forever most of us payed like $40 just for D3E and another $50 for D2R and cosmetics but new accounts will get same content for total of $60… nice

Why doing an interface total change when your not planning to do a good job on it? Changes are for better not worse and so far I don’t see this new Battle.net interface doing what we expected…Its like windows compare with IOS, Microsoft is well-known for doing new official updates that will screw up the PC while Apple make sure they dont screw up with updates.

Interface is one thing, let’s talk about the Diablo 2 Resurrected, like a lot said above, options are not explained clear and simple, instead i have to go on google and search "what is the difference between primal evil upgrade and prime evil collection suggest Blizzard should understand what is more important on consumers’ perspective. My two cents.

As someone who just recently got Necro, getting D2R Prime Evil upgrade does not make sense to me.

$15 for D3 and all expansions and $5 for cosmetics would have been more reasonable.

$10 for only a couple of cosmetics? Not worth at all.

Edit: What would had made even more sense is to add the cosmetics as preorder bonus, with or without D3.

That way D3 owners have more incentive to pre-purchase D2R, and non-D3 owners more incentive to upgrade and get D3.

And people that have put a lot more money in D3 or recently got in the game would feel their money more valued with D3 and expansions for $20 in the pack.

Probably this was considered and discarded because… Reasons?

I know Blizzard wants to make money, but their math is weird, even when considering heavy discounts on a big package like Prime Evil Collection:

Let’s see (individual price):
Diablo 3: 14.99
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: 14.99
Diablo 3 Rise of Necro: 11.25
Diablo 2 Resurrected: 39.99

Diablo Prime Evil Collection: 59.99

So for people who never played/bought any diablo product, they get everything of D3 for 19.99€

But for people who have everything of D3 except cosmetics, you have to pay 9.99 for them? This seems so unreasonable