Diablo II Resurrected - API Endpoints

Any word on this? Not that I have any experience with APIs at all, but allowing stuff like sharing stash/character info would be really cool for those that do want to.

Something like DiabloInterface for D2R would be fantastic for speedrunners and streamers, and sharing stash info could be very useful for trading websites like diablo2io and trading Discord servers.

Perhaps it’s too early to ask right now, but maybe after 2.4 and Ladder launches and everything is stable would be a good time.

I would love to have a D2R API to request character data. Also static endpoints would be very useful to request game data that changes over patch releases.

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It would be great to have an Addon API, like in WoW. It would breathe new life into the game.

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Any news here?
For our community a ladder API would be very nice.
Also some Endpoints that allow run tracking or even drop tracking would be awesome aswell.
Reading our inventories via API would make muling much easier. This could also be achieved by allowing to get a local copy of the save files. We could even use these for single player if we want to.


Don’t suppose there’s been any new developments here has there?

An API for character/stash info would go a long way to facilitate trading or making useful utilities like DiabloInterface that content creators or speedrunners could use to share character info (level, gear, skills, resists, etc.) with viewers, among many other possibilities.

It’s almost been a year since your post here, don’t suppose you’ve gotten any updates regarding D2R APIs have you?

Unfortunately, I have no update for you on plans for availability of a public D2R API :frowning:. We will update the forums if we hear about anything.

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I appreciate the “update”, even though it doesn’t tell us anything. There’s no reason why there can’t be a public API; read-only would be fine with me. Based on the other posts, Blizzard has provided this for other games.

Is there a reason why D2R is kept in the dark? With a 20+ year-old game I would have thought it would happen open-sourced by now. Instead, we have to hack our way to making the simplest QoL changes, whereas in D2 the available mods are expansive and some are quite impressive.

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Hey Korakk, thanks for the update. Unfortune to hear that, it’d be fantastic for D2R to receive API support.

As mentioned by AJGringo read-only would probably be fine for most applications I’d assume (again I have 0 experience with APIs, just a rough general idea of what they do), something like being able to export your Bnet character to the Maxroll D2R Planner if you wish to do some character theorycrafting, exporting your stash/inventory info to fan websites like diablo2. io to facilitate easier trading, creating a program similar to DiabloInterface that would allow you to share character info with people in realtime, and many other things I’m sure.

Lots of potential applications that would be awesome!

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+1. It will be great to have an Item Manager like Destiny 2 has, in order to add this, Diablo needs API support.

Hope this can be done someday!


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Any chance to get an update? An API whould be so great and whould improve D2R a lot, just read only whould be enough, to get infos from the game/char to for example track runs or extract stashes/equipment/skills…
Whould be nice to get this game up to date :slight_smile: not need to mention that like every nowadays game/application provides APIs. + it whould be pretty easy to realise, just provide some interfaces which extracting some current game files…

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Bumping this again to see if there’s any possibility of adding a functionality to access the D2R chat channels. It would be really helpful to watch for changes in Terror Zones with the new 2.5 update.

Access to an API for this would let me create an accurate notification system for when certain zones become terrorized. I don’t think this would cause any unbalanced gameplay, but instead give users incentive to hop on and play when the Moo Moo Farm is terrorized. (Or whatever your favorite farming spot is!)


+1 I just want to keep this going, love the idea of having api end points for d2r!

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Agreed, I hope they add API support for D2R. So many possibilities with character data, inventory/stash data, chat channels, terror zones, etc.

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I want to also express interest in Diablo 2 Resurrected API,
It would be fun if we could get something along of lines of event streaming service publishing events on whenever all the players/single player kills a boss, drops some uniques, maybe build a desktop app that allows users to track their progress for their build(which bosses should they farm), amount of given unique they dropped and from which monster it dropped, maybe what type of damage they received the most, so they could adjust their build etc.
Even if there was some kind of legal way to subscribe to a local game session and extract that data, it would be great.

It’d be really cool to get some API support for D2R! :grin:

+1 for this feature request. This would help immensely in planning characters for ladder, hardcore and overall fun.

Has this ever even been mentioned in sprint plannings?

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You are a persistent bunch :smiley:. Although we still do not have an update for you, I want to make sure you know you are being heard. We will continue to push this feedback upwards.

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Thanks Korakk, even if nothing happens your communication is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I’d just like to chip in and add my name to the list of stakeholders in this matter :slight_smile:

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