Diablo CD version

i have a question
i bought this game a long time ago and i mean i literally have diablo 1
but i just want to know if i need to buy the game again
i can use my original copy of diablo 1 on cd
the game back then doesnt have a cd key

the game actually gives me an error when im trying to connect to battle net that the port isnt correct

if any of the staff want to help me i can provide some photos or video of my copy and i already have installed it on my pc but the battle net never recognize it

The version on the battlenet shop is
Diablo 1 Classic & the hellgate expansion .

The Original Diablo from CD won’t help.

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I also have Diablo 1, however i buyed this version thinking that blizz fix some errors but my bad, is the same game. However in the online version there is the same error when u try to play multiplayer… Blizz should fix it but not sure when.

The game has no CD key so you don’t need to buy the game again.
As far as I know, it’s still the old v1.09 game, even without GoG’s enhancements.

About the port problem, it’s some config to do on your router, opening 6112 port. (and authorizing Diablo on your firewall)

Hey all,

Just to clarify, D1 predated CD keys so it didn’t come with one.

In order to play on the modern Battlenet (through the launcher) it will need to be purchased through Battlenet.

i did purchase it and it doesnt work. i tried to refund and the ticket fails and says resolved. i then tried to put in a manual refund and it also fails.


If you can’t put in tickets of any kind, that’s likely something to with your system and its security settings.

Just now, I was able to submit a test refund ticket with no issue.

You’ll want to try clearing your browser’s caches, try a different browser(s), try different devices, or try different internet connections.

Make sure to update to 1.09 and add the Global Battle.net Gateway and you should be able to play just as well as with the GOG or Battle.net release, since they all use the same client.

Regarding the port issue, you will need to configure your router to resolve this. If you do not have access to do so you can try playing via DevilutionX instead.

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I was just thinking about the same.
Installed from CD. Patched to 1.09b. Firewall was set from old days already. Everything works.
9.99€ saved…

Now I’m going to try the old CD version of Warcraft II Battle.net Edition.
Which I had registered on battle.net account in the old days. Before they removed the game from the “Classic games” section. And now they want 9.99€.

Very greedy Microsoft…

In no uncertain terms, there is nothing that can be done as the servers are not there, coming from someone with my firewall and router ports setup appropriately, one can log into Battle.net and get to the chatroom, but the actual game session servers are functionally dead, meaning one cannot actually play the game in normal online multiplayer.

If you and some buddies get together, you can download a LAN tunneling software (I recommend Zero-Tier) and play via LAN in-game if you can manage to set that up (takes a bit of doing I’ll admit).

Until Blizzard decides to scrape together the 50 cents it takes to run those servers, and probably the 300 dollars they’ll likely pay the one person to maintain it/moderate on a monthly basis, there’s no chances of this changing.

Now, as for playing Diablo 1, the original CD version is perfectly adequate but could still use the 1.09 patch, but will technically be playable, visually only comprehensible once you terminate Explorer.exe’s process (you can bring it back by pressing WinKey+R and typing Explorer.exe and hitting enter), or by downloading the strangebytes Direct Draw wrapper and just drag-dropping into the game’s root directory (aka where Diablo.exe and Diabdat.mpq both are) while also having DirectX 9 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable both installed on your PC.

That’s not the case. Using the recently hosted D1 and WC2, people have been connecting to Battlenet and playing on both WC2 and D1.

The issue is, the version of D1 that Bliz is selling has a bug where it installs the old legacy servers (East, West, Europe, Asia). Those can’t be connected to with the version Bliz is selling.

Thus, a fix is needed to remove those gateways and add the “Global” gateway, which is the modern, intended gateway.

Using the original CD version, even patched to 1.09, will put people on the legacy gateways, essentially splitting the online playerbase.

I’m pretty sure they can just apply the same regeg edit to add the GOG Global gateway.

You mean Bliz’s global gateway? Yes, the reg change will switch the gateways.

However, I was only speaking to the assertion that the patched CD version alone would be adequate, which it wouldn’t be.

Well if that is the standard then the on you get from Battlenet also would not be adequate since you have to apply the same reg change to get on the global gateway. Only the GOG release is setup to use it by the installation.

Agreed, that was my original point to StormyStrife, because the legacy gateways in the Bnet version of D1 appears to be mistake/bug.

Based on the part of my reply to StormyStrife that you quoted, I’m confused as to why your replying with your points. Yes, Bnet’s D1 needs a registry change. Yes, GoG’s D1 does not. I was never saying otherwise, those were never my points to StormyStrife.