Diablo 2 not working on latest mac OS Catalina

I am also having this issue, unable to start D2 after updating to Catalina. Hopefully a fix is in the works soon! Thanks. Happy Holidays to all of you and to all at Blizzard! Take care.

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same problem blizz fix this epic game!

Is it far to resolve yet?
It’s time to let us know how long to wait.
We hope to be resolved it as soon as possible.

Just adding my name to the list.

adding another name to the list


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Customer Support


Hey, MightyOwl! Catalina should be supported for the Blizzard Application now since it’s live! There are a few issues that we are aware of though.

  • Diablo II will not run on Catalina at the moment, please see this forum thread . Our team is aware, but there is no ETA on how long this may take to be compatible with Catalina.
  • Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II are experiencing kernel panic crashes for those with Radeon Graphics on Mac OS on the Metal Graphics API. This is a driver issue which will hopefully be fixed in a future MacOS update. Our team is working on resolving these concerns.
    Here’s the forum thread for those issues .
    There’s also issues with CMD+TAB for Heroes of the Storm causing black screen and needing a reboot, windowed mode will work around this issue. Both games and other versions of MacOS will sometimes experience Quit Unexpectedly, which changing the Computer name will address.
  • ^ This may also be impacting graphical pixelation issues for Diablo III on OpenGL Graphics API. Here’s the thread for this issue.

All other games should be running fairly well though and compatible. If there are any issues, please create a new thread or contact our Technical supports to troubleshoot these issues individually :slight_smile:

Hopefully, this gets all the issues known at the moment. TLDR; Diablo II is not yet compatible. If the system has a Radeon Graphics card, you may run into issues with some of our games.

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Is there an estimated date for the release of the patch?

Hi Blizzard, any news on this?

Just bought a Mac and realized that I cannot continue to play D2. Frustrating

Same here
Just bought D2 and realized that I cannot continue to play on Mac. Frustrating

I have tried everything; I tried running a virtual desktop, I tried using an application that can run 32 bit on Catalina and nothing is working so that I can play D2 on my Mac. This patch is my last hope. Is there any update on how long I need to wait for this patch Blizzard?

Just adding my name to the list. So frustrating

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Plz fix blizzard cmon

Or just remaster d2. Doo it


Blizz plizz, I want to play D2 so bad. Make us a Xmas gift! Show us some luv!


Come on…
Let us play d2 on Mac…

Same error here on macOS Catalina 10.15.1. I can’t even download Diablo 2 using the Downloader. It gives me this error:


I really don’t mind to spend 20 dollar to buy it again! just make it work on new MAC OS !

I’m about to go buy a cheap windows computer. Can’t… wait… Much… Longer… Or, will my patience pay off? :frowning:

quiero jugar D2 y Star Craft comon Blizzard! please :frowning: